Saturday 23/3/2019

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 Daily News 
22/03/2019 British Water welcomes Environment Agency speech
22/03/2019 New group product development director for power resistor manufacturer
22/03/2019 MiniTec – The ‘one stop shop for smart industry’ is firing on all cylinders with Industry 4.0-friendly plans for 2020 and beyond
22/03/2019 Celebrating health, safety and wellbeing champions
22/03/2019 Revitalised Bloodhound gets new livery and headquarters
21/03/2019 Integrating FLIR Thermal Cameras with MATLAB Software Solutions
21/03/2019 Force Engineering choose Variohm for linear motor winding temperature monitoring
21/03/2019 How igus could be with you sooner than you think
21/03/2019 Burkert: Reliability is essential for water treatment in remote communities
21/03/2019 World-class construction consultants choose Spelsberg IBT electrical equipment for new headquarters

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 Case Studies  
Mitsubishi Electric Europe: Energy saving in mines and quarries
Most mines and quarries contain a proliferation of electric motors, powering fans, pumps, conveyors, crushers, winches, hydraulic power packs etc. They vary in size and importance from large machines that are critical to site safety and operations to smaller examples that enable basic plant processes such as dust suppression and surface water control. Each one is drawing electricity and unless it is already part of a smart control solution, it could be contributing more towards energy and general cost saving.
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Detecting Leaks from Electrical Circuit Breakers
FLIR Systems has published a new application spotlight that addresses the challenge that electrical power stations face in detecting gas leaks from their Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breakers.
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Siemens collaborates with High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapults across the UK to support growth and success of advanced manufacturing
As part of its ongoing partnerships, the company’s digital technologies are playing an integral part in helping to bring new, innovative ideas to life and build value through the future commercialisation of new concepts.
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How 25 e-chains help to get aircraft ready to take off again
There is a lot of manual work involved in de-icing and washing aircraft. In sub-zero temperatures when many aircraft need to be de-iced at the same time, this becomes the bottleneck of airport operations and can cause serious flight delays. Cleaning aircraft is also time consuming; it can take up to 10 hours to manually wash a Boeing 737.
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Automation plays a blinder for craft brewers
The perfect beer is a harmonious blend of art and science. Automation can help by performing the measured and repetitive tasks while allowing brewers to focus on more creative, interesting and rewarding aspects. When Sadler’s Ales, a historic Black Country brewery, started to grow its business, it decided to adopt an automated process control solution from Mitsubishi Electric to improve productivity and make the quality of its craft beers more consistent.
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 Editor's Comment 

Editor writes:

Are robots key to unlocking productivity? Could a robot tax have a negative impact on UK manufacturing?
In 2017, amid fears that machines would replace human workers in the future, one of the world’s most automated nations, South Korea, introduced the world’s first robot tax. It is a contentious issue — Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has previously argued that to help fund social services and education, robots should be taxed at the same level as the people they replace.
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