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 Daily News 
18/12/2014 EPSRC invests in UK/China research partnerships for Sustainable Materials for Infrastructures
18/12/2014 New eLearning course “Vortex Flowmeters: Applications” released
18/12/2014 EEF comment on Science & Innovation strategy
17/12/2014 Bilfinger UK joins COPA-DATA Partner Community
17/12/2014 Mattei works with University of Lincoln to attract more talent to the compressed air industry
17/12/2014 Growth Returns to the Market for Motion Controls in 2014
17/12/2014 BP Presents Upstream Strategy to Investors
16/12/2014 Ham Baker Group portfolio grows with A&J Water’s scraper expertise
16/12/2014 HMS delivers the 3,000,000th Anybus module to Bosch Rexroth

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 Case Studies  
Whites Concrete’s pre-cast Sealwall saves time at chemical plant
For the storage of treated industrial effluent, Whites Concrete has completed the supply of a series of Sealwall tank systems at a major chemical plant in Newport, South Wales.
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Gently does it with Landia’s nocturnal pumps
Whilst workers from a landmark building in Canada are at home sleeping, Landia’s pumping and mixing equipment quietly goes to work removing highly concentrated sewage at a flow rate of just 2.2 litres per second from a 31,000 litre cistern.
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Tsubakimoto delivers innovation to the asphalt industry
The asphalt industry is under constant pressure to deliver fresh, hot asphalt to the road paving companies. It is a process that cannot afford a broken link in the supply chain. Reliability in the equipment used both for production and for installation is paramount, with lost production time having a significant and cumulative knock-on effect. With this in mind, Tsubaki has developed a range of drive chain solutions that have proven highly effective in reducing costs.

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Enforcing Environmental Protection in the Netherlands
The Dutch Environmental Protection Agency (DMCR) is shown in an applications report* and video describing how it is using a FLIR Systems GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera to uphold regulations regarding fugitive gas emissions.

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Quality control with LRS 36 light section sensors at the Gropper dairy
The Gropper dairy is well known for its fresh ideas made of milk. Jürgen Kreutz from the Electrical Maintenance department at Gropper had been looking for a "fresh" idea of a different sort for the "full-crate" check at the end of the cup production line. His idea of solving this task using LRS 36 light section sensors from Leuze electronic reduces the number of sensors, simplifies the application, saves manual conversion required due to the frequent format changes and makes this particular step in the quality assurance procedure more reliable.
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 Editor's Comment 

Editor writes:

Do PLe applications need two interlocks?
There is a lot of interest in whether redundancy is required when it comes to interlock actuators. This debate has been going on for many years but really gained momentum in 2012 by the inclusion of a note in table D8 in 13849-2-2012:
Rob Lewis, Managing Director of Fortress Interlocks, looks at interlock redundancy.

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