Friday 29/5/2020

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Bellingham + Stanley Ltd
Longfield Road
Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1892 500400
Fax: +44 (0)1892 543115
Supplier Contact: Mr. Kevin Chapman

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Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing quality mechanical and digital optical instrumentation since 1914. In that time, large numbers of instruments have been supplied to many industries world-wide including sugar, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum. The primary role for the equipment is the measurement of dissolved solids in water and for checking the purity of a solution.

Our RFM Series of digital automatic refractometers provide the highest measuring accuracy and precise thermal control up to 80°C, to cover a multitude of laboratory and factory applications. There are many models within our RFM300+, RFM700 and RFM900 series to suit technical and budget requirements and to satisfy the needs of quality management systems.

Within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the ADP410 Polarimeter offers simplicity of use whilst the ADP440+ satisfies the needs of customers requiring compliance to GLP, FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and Pharmacopeia. Two Saccharimeters are also available, the ADS420 operating at sodium wavelength for normal sugar analysis and for dark solutions, the ADS480 NIR version.

Importantly, B + S manufacture a number of instruments suitable for controlling lubricants and quenchants. Hand refractometers may be used to control less critical fluids whilst on-line process refractometers continually monitor large volumes and give instantaneous results for signaling and automatic control. Heat exchange fluids may also be monitored in a similar way.

B + S Process Instruments, a division of Bellingham + Stanley Ltd., provides on-line process solutions within the food and beverage industries including syrup blending and interface detection by Refractive Index, % sugar (°Brix). B+S Process Instruments also provides a number of solutions for the industrial marketplace including systems to monitor the pH and concentration (Brix) of cooling and hydraulic fluids as well as other mixtures.

Bellingham + Stanley, a UKAS Certified Calibration Laboratory No. 0834, offer a range of Certified Reference Materials calibrated in accordance with ENISO/IEC17025:2005 that are traceable to ICUMSA and NIST/PTB for verification of refractometers and polarimeters.

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