Wednesday 15/7/2020

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18 Hedwig Circle
TX 77024
Tel: 1-713-824-7275
Fax: 1-775-366-0516
Supplier Contact: John de Penne Rouge

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The main advantages of using a pigging system are:

To recover product at the end of a production run
To reduce contaminated waste product
To reduce Clean In Place (CIP) costs
To allow quick changeover between different products

AB6 pigging systems are based on a number of design criteria:
System must consistently recover all possible product
Pig must be able to go through intricate, compact tubing layouts
“Closed loop” in order to maintain cleanliness, and to allow for full CIP of all components, including the pig
Easy maintenance
Manual or automated management
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  • Hygienic Pigging Systems
  • Pigging Systems

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