Sunday 18/2/2018

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Landia UK Ltd
Waymills Industrial Estate
SY13 1TT
Tel: 01948 661200
Fax: 01948 661201
Supplier Contact: Sales Office

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Landia is a world-leading manufacturer of: Heavy-Duty Chopper Pumps, Submersible Mixers, Jet-Aerators and advanced process units.

Our equipment is built to last.

Our products are in worldwide service in: Waste Water Treatment Plants, In Biogas Plants, in Agricultural Farms, in the Food and Beverage Industry and in the Process Industry.

Landia was founded in 1933, giving us over 80 years of experience in manufacturing high quality pumping and mixing equipment.

In 1950 Mr. Christian Oelgaard invented the first efficient electric pump with rotating knives. Today the main principle behind this original pump is employed in the modern chopper pump, as it is now called, which is used all over the world.

Due to its efficiency and excellent quality, the new pump was a great success which has formed the basis for Landia's development of products ever since.
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