Wednesday 21/2/2018

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 Daily News 
21/02/2018 Student and apprentice engineers gear up for railway engineering competition
21/02/2018 New Topic Area on Digital Transformation at the SENSOR+TEST 2018
21/02/2018 Educational webinar series from M.A.C. Solutions kicks off with Alarm System Benchmarking in March 2018
21/02/2018 Becoming smarter through real-time GIS and information: GIS for the energy industry
21/02/2018 Extreme tech to lead human frontiers ~ New tech will reach aerospace, space, defence and offshore sectors say Harmonic Drives
21/02/2018 University of Huddersfield receives £1.5 million towards expansion of Materials Science research
21/02/2018 Trust ARI for economical solutions in control, isolation, safety and steam trapping.
20/02/2018 What to do when hit by ransomware: eSpida explains how businesses can reduce the damage caused by a ransomware attack.
20/02/2018 Students thrust magnesium back in to the spotlight
20/02/2018 Can artificial intelligence beat a human hacker?

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 Case Studies  
SCADA used to automate fire training for Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services
A PC based SCADA system has been used to upgrade a fire behaviour training rig at Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services Headquarters. This is used to show fire fighters how fire spreads through buildings, where temperatures build up fastest and which parts can be expected to remain relatively cool.
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Optimas increases productivity for cancer diagnostic equipment manufacturer
Early diagnosis of cancer can greatly improve survival rates, with health centres utilizing the latest technology to ensure identification of the condition is achieved sooner. Cancer diagnosis machines are at the forefront of this technology, which emphasizes the importance of smooth manufacturing operations when producing such equipment. When one leading manufacturer was experiencing downtime due to fastener issues, they contacted Optimas to help improve productivity.
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ABB software solution to underpin Poland’s national electricity market
ABB has been selected by Poland’s national transmission system operator Polskie Sieci Elektronergetyczne SA (PSE) to deliver its ABB Ability Market Management System (MMS), a state-of-the-art software solution.
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Lenze proves drives don’t’ have to be like a box of chocolates – with the right drive, you know exactly what you’re gonna get.
Tradition blends with advanced drive technology, as chocolatier Camille Bloch overcomes production expansion challenges posed by limited warehouse space.
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Electric vehicle pioneer favours wireless test rigs
A company that has been at the forefront of electric vehicle design and development for over 20 years has supplied a test rig based on a wireless torque sensor to a world renowned UK University automotive research facility.
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 Editor's Comment 

Editor writes:

Air Apparent
Amid the buzz surrounding Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is easy to forget the effect of the technologies that powered industry’s earlier transformations. The factories of the original Industrial Revolution were driven first by water and then by steam. Later, the mass production of the Second Revolution was enabled by electricity, especially by the electric motor, which freed industrial engineers from their dependence on cumbersome belts and shafts and allowed controllable mechanical power to be delivered anywhere it was required.
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