Monday 23/9/2019

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29/03/2005 - About RSS now has the facility to syndicate news and pr via a system called RSS.

What is RSS?
(which originally stood for "Rich Site Summary", but later became known as "Really Simple Syndication") is a way for sites to make content, such as news articles, available by another means.

What is it used for?
RSS feeds are used by many sites (such as FactoryEquipment, BBC news, Yahoo News) to publish a variety of content - for example a summary of their latest news. These summaries can be subscribed to and viewed like bookmarks in a web browser or like email in an email client (in, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird). They can also be viewed in a special reader designed just for managing and reading RSS subscriptions.

Links to RSS feeds can be found wherever the icon is located in the News Rooms or on the site in general. (For example, the RSS icon next to "Daily News" is the feed for subscribing to the Daily News. As well as feeds for individual PR sections, such as Product Focus or Daily News, there is a feed for "Editorial" in general, which comprises of News, PR, Foreman's Yell items and Spotlight features.

Feeds can also be subscribed to by area of interest - for example items relating to Bar Coding & Labelling or Instrumentation & Control.

So how do I subscribe?

In order to use RSS news feeds, you need a reader. There are many different readers available, some which "plug in" to your web browser and others which are standalone applications (like a web browser or email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird).

There are links to the right to a selection of readers (Please note, is not responsible for the contents of external links or software contained therein.)

You can subscribe to the feed in various ways, including by dragging the URL of the RSS feed (indicated by the icon) into your news reader or by copying and pasting the URL into a new feed in your news reader.
Some browsers / readers can automatically pick up the RSS feeds for you when you click on them. For more information check the help / instructions for your reader software.

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Where can I find more information about RSS?
To learn more about using and subscribing to RSS feeds, you can read this page on the BBC website, this page on Mozilla Firefox Live Bookmarks or this page on how to subscribe to RSS feeds in Mozilla Thunderbird.

To see how News may look via RSS email (in this case, from Factory Equipment), look here: (1 2 3 4 5)

  • Rising to the challenges in the food industry - your ERP solutions must do more than ensure compliance
  • Engineers Without Borders UK celebrates 15th anniversary
  • New Sales Director at Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH
  • e-matica and Seeq Announce Partnership to Deliver Advanced Analytics Solutions
  • UiPath To Empower Chartered Accountants Ireland Graduates for the Automated Workplace

  • 20/09/2019
  • “Industrial Transformation” lead theme shows the way forward amid turbulent times
  • United Kingdom’s most important innovation accolade goes to Bühler’s optical sorting
  • Delta to Exhibit Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions at eMove360° Europe

  • Optical rotary torque sensors suitable for low torque and high band width measurements
  • RS Components announces availability of new GuardLink™ component enabling greater machine and plant safety
  • Components that can stand the heat are ideal for the kitchen - specialist internal and external terminal blocks for OEM market now at Hylec
  • How e-chain systems keep bucket-wheel reclaimers up and running
  • FLIR Introduces CM94 High-Current Clamp Meter for Utilities & Industrial Electrical Contractors
  • Announcing the FLIR TG297 High-Temperature Industrial Thermal Camera

  • 18/09/2019
  • RS Components introduces robust embedded power supply series from TDK-Lambda for industrial applications
  • Emerson’s New Easy-to-deploy Monitoring Accelerates Asset Digitalisation
  • New stepper motor launch at Engineering Design Show
  • Specifying enclosures for Environmental Management systems in a ‘Smart’ world
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