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4 March 2009

The Universal Power Alert (UPA) device from Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd provides a highly visual external indication of live power or stored energy conditions existing within an electrical enclosure. This inexpensive safety device helps prevent arc flash and possible electrocution for operating and maintenance personnel, by pre-verifying that full electrical isolation conditions exist before the access door or cover is opened to any enclosure containing electrical power devices.

The permanently installed UPA 130 unit supplements conventional voltmeter testing and helps maintain compliance with the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 70E safety standard, which addresses the issues of safe electrical work practices for workers. These power alerts are suitable for use on single and three phase power supplies, with typical applications including motor control centres (MCC) and MCC buckets; high energy panels or panels with multiple power sources; circuit breaker disconnect boxes, isolation switches and other frequently accessed electrical panels used throughout general industry and supply utilities.

The UPA 130 uses standard pushbutton or conduit knockouts for mounting and is permanently wired to the circuit breaker or otherwise potentially hazardous live power supply which is indicated with flashing LED’s. A low profile mounting option is also now available which is used with an external protective bezel. This effectively reduces the front-of-panel projection, providing greater protection against possible vandal attack or accidental impact damage. The product is also fully encapsulated and provided with redundant circuitry to ensure that the primary electronic functions of power source identification and indication are maintained.

The power range covered is 40 to 750V ac at 50/60/40Hz for both single and three phase (∆ and Y) supplies, with both line-to-line and line-to-GND conditions being separately identified. The presence of dc voltage and stored energy in the range 30 to 1000V dc is also incorporated. LED indicators are illuminated and flash at rates varying from 1.5 to 9 times per second, with the faster rates indicating higher voltages. Two LED’s are used to identity which phase (L1, L2 or L3) is live or grounded (GND), with + or – LED’s illuminated to indicate dc voltage or stored energy being present. 

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