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Chematur selects Servomex to supply gas analyser system for India TDI Plant

30 June 2009

Crowborough, UK, 25 June 2009 – Servomex, the global expert in gas analysis, has been chosen to supply a complete gas analysis monitoring system to a new toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) plant currently under construction in Dahej, India.

Chematur Engineering AB of Sweden has selected Servomex and channel partner OmniProcess AB to supply these critical instruments to the new 50,000 MTA capacity plant being built on behalf of Indian chemical manufacturer GNFC.

The new system will help control the process and monitor the quality of output in the manufacturer of TDI, a key isocyanate used in the manufacture of polyurethane and used for a variety of applications including flexible foams used in furnishings and the motor industry.

Servomex will supply a range of its world-leading gas analysers to fulfill the complex requirements of TDI monitoring, including 15 SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact (2500) process gas analysers, two SERVOPRO 4210 gas purity analysers, one SERVOTOUGH OxyExact (2200) paramagnetic oxygen analyser and three k1550 katharometer-based analysers.

Designed, manufactured and tested in configurations specific to the required measurement and background stream, the SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact is a photometric process analyser that offer single or dual component gas analysis to suit virtually any process, combustion or emissions gas analysis application, making it ideal for several TDI measurement processes including monitoring the off-gases from mixing chlorine with carbon monoxide to make phosgene and monitoring for both carbon monoxide and chlorine in phosgene.

Control of residual O2 concentration in pure CO in the range 0% - 0.5% will be made by the SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200, with a measurement precision made possible by Servomex’s renowned paramagnetic cell technology that enables an oxygen measurement that is totally unaffected by other gases in the monitor stream. The SERVOPRO 4210 gas purity analysers will monitor the level of specific impurities in pure H2 and pure CO respectively, with one unit monitoring a pure hydrogen stream for trace carbon monoxide and other 4210-based system monitoring for the presence of methane in CO. Finally three k1550 katharometer analysers will monitor the hydrogen purity and the quality of CO supply to the TDI process by checking the level of residual H2 remains between 0 and 1%.

Each Servomex gas analyser will be installed in its own cubicle with an appropriate sampling system and all necessary pipework, ready for connection in the appropriate area of the plant. 

In addition to Servomex’s world-leading experience in offer reliable and accurate process analysers suitable for different and tough applications, Chematur selected Servomex on proven experience in the design and build of TDI analyser systems, as well as the ability to provide industry-best levels of service and support to the project.

“TDI production is by its nature a complex process, so Servomex is delighted to have been selected once again by Chematur to supply this gas analyser system through OmniProcess AB,” says Chris Cottrell, Managing Director, Servomex.
“We have been chosen not simply on the acknowledged quality of our instruments, but in our ability to deliver a complete gas analysis solution that ranges from the design and build of the system to providing ‘local-for-local’ service and support in India.”

The TDI plant is scheduled for completion in September 2010.

For more information about the award-winning SERVOTOUGH Oxy, contact the Servomex sales team at the European Business Centre (+31 (0) 79 330 1581 / 00800 737866390 Toll free in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK) Americas Business Center (+1 281 295 5800) or Asia Pacific Business Centre (+86 (0)21 6489 7570). For more information visit are not responsible for the content of submitted or externally produced articles and images.
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