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Successful launch of Danfoss active harmonic mitigation solutions

2 August 2010

Excessive harmonic distortion of the mains supply has become an increasing problem in recent years after the rapid spread of power electronics such as variable speed drives, computers, and energy saving lights; all of which draw non-sinusoidal current. The new active harmonic mitigation solutions from Danfoss have already been successfully applied in many customer applications.

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The Danfoss VLT® AAF005 active harmonic filter is typically installed near the supply transformer to reduce the harmonic distortion from multiple loads in the installation simultaneously. The filter automatically reduces the voltage distortion level to typically 5 or 8% THvD and reduces reactive currents. The active filters are especially suitable for retrofitting as they can be installed in existing installations.

Examples of successful applications include:
- HVAC systems in buildings with a large number of variable speed drives
- Pharmaceutical processing plants
- Clean room production facilities
- Hospitals with low harmonic voltage distortion limits
- Process plants with generator back-up
- Marine and offshore systems with multiple generators
- Power stations

The VLT® Low Harmonic Drive is a variable speed drive with an integrated active harmonic filter which reduces the harmonic current distortion at the input of the drive to less than 5% THiD. Danfoss is the first company to offer a low harmonic drive solution that works on this principle. Low harmonic drives are typically used for installations with large individual drives and highly loaded transformers:

Examples of successful applications include:

- Water pumping stations
- Refrigeration compressors with variable speed drives
- Marine pumps
- Snow canons
- Test rigs

For further information contact:

Danfoss Ltd
Oxford Road

Tel: 0870 241 7030
Fax: 0870 241 7035
Email: uk.controls.sales@danfoss.com
Web: www.danfoss.co.uk
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