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Reliable and Consistent Deep Well Measurement at Ayr Pumping Station

4 February 2011

Pulsar Process Measurement have supplied Scottish Water with non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement equipment that has resolved a particularly difficult deep well measurement issue, providing strong, consistent and reliable measurement of a narrow, 25metre deep sump.

Ayr Pumping Station is a substantial and strategically important pumping and flood defence station, so it is vital to the successful operation of the site that the level measurement equipment installed can be relied upon. Frustrated by the failure of another supplier’s equipment, Scottish Water approached Pulsar for a solution.

Pulsar have a good history at the site having supplied equipment for screen level control in 1999 that has continued to work well ever since, and for this application they selected their Ultra 5 control unit married to a dB40 transducer, with a maximum measurement range of 40m on solids or liquids. The application itself presents a number of issues for the measurement equipment to overcome. The well itself is narrow, with a number of obstructions present in the path of the ultrasonic beam. Ultrasonic level measurement depends upon the ability of the device to bounce a pulse of sound energy off a ‘target’ and correctly identify the returning echo against the echoes from any other object that may be in range.

The equipment that had previously been in place had been prone to picking up these intrusions, giving false readings, high ‘spikes’ and therefore keeping the pumps running.

The Ultra 5 and dB40 combination worked immediately. The Pulsar system makes use of a sophisticated echo processing software system called ‘Datem’ that identifies and holds onto the correct echo in even the most difficult and awkward conditions, ensuring that the Pumping Station is able to operate to its maximum efficiency. Scottish Water conducted thorough testing over a six month period to make sure that the Pulsar equipment continued to perform well. As Jason Cramb of Scottish Water put it:

“We have moved from difficulty to delight with an absolute confidence in Pulsar’s equipment. Unlike some other manufacturers, Pulsar’s equipment genuinely does exactly what they claim it will do. On the strength of confidence built, we are installing more Pulsar equipment and will be removing other level measurement and control equipment which is now surplus to requirement and unnecessary.”

He went on:

“We have found Pulsar to be very helpful and for technical support our operational staff have nothing but praise and appreciation for Pulsar technical people.”

For more information please contact:

Keith Flint, Sales & Marketing Director, Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd
Cardinal Building, Enigma Commercial Centre, Sandy’s Road, Malvern WR14 1JJ England
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