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11 May 2011

An innovative Lancashire engineering firm is helping the UK's largest independent manufacturer of paints and wood stains to target efficiency improvements by installing a powerful new management tool designed to enable leaner and smarter production processes.

InfoServe365 Ltd installed its unique AssetManager™ system at Crown Paints Ltd after the Hull company had identified one of its emulsion paint fill lines for productivity improvements. Crown wanted accurate and reliable data regarding the performance of the line so that it could pinpoint where changes could boost productivity and reduce downtime.

Crown was already well aware of InfoServe365's capabilities having piloted its monitoring and reporting system at its headquarters in Darwen. In addition it has had several control system upgrades performed by InfoServe365's parent company, Optima Control Solutions Ltd.

AssetManager™ is InfoServe365's touch screen, intuitive out-of-the-box production reporting system. Easily installed and run through an internet connection, to avoid the need for expensive on-site servers, its powerful data collection provides secure, globally accessible manufacturing intelligence in a clear, succinct format.

Crown Paints had recognised that its existing method of using clipboards to record machine downtime was unproductive and out of step with its advanced paint development and production systems. By installing AssetManager™ it can now automatically gather, analyse and report on this information with a flexibility that makes it ideal for a multi-site business such as Crown.

AssetManager™ records vital technical information from the manufacturing 'coal-face' and provides invaluable business intelligence such as productivity and downtime reporting, real time status and aggregated trend analyses - information which gives manufacturers a far more accurate and reliable picture of their operations.

By providing management and engineering staff with this powerful information and unprecedented views of plant activity through historical and real time analysis, it is much easier for Crown to positively identify system improvements and guarantee the return on investment of any remedial work.

Crown's engineering manager at Hull, Barry Shackleton, said: "We have a great relationship with Optima having used them before. We wanted to collect accurate downtime data from our No 3 line and they suggested InfoServe365's AssetManager™.

"It's easy to install, user friendly and allows us to monitor in real time and remotely. It has already given us some very useful information. We're very happy with it and have plans to install it on other lines."

InfoServe365 was established by local engineers Michael Hill and fellow managing director Adrian West five years ago after the enterprising pair spotted a gap in the market for a straightforward yet powerful production efficiency monitoring and reporting system that did not require major capital investment.

The duo had started Optima Control Solutions, InfoServe365's parent company, in 1995 and rapidly developed an unrivalled reputation for designing, building and commissioning high-quality drive control systems. InfoServe365 evolved from that experience and is now a UK leader in managed data collection and analysis.

Mr Hill said: "Our fundamental aim is to help manufacturing businesses to become more competitive. AssetManager™ provides Crown with a powerful and flexible tool suitable for all its production assets, which will make a significant difference to the production management team and drive up OEE performance."

For further information, please contact Michael Hill

InfoServe365 Ltd

Capricorn Park
Blakewater Road
Tel: 01254 272827
Fax: 01254 272828   
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