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19 September 2011

Europe's leading centre for automation and robotics, CenFRA Ltd, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated on-line learning programme.

The unique e-learning courses, which have been developed in close collaboration with the National Skills Academy (NSA), aim to raise the understanding of implementing automation and robotics within food and drink manufacturing environments and encompass as many aspects of process automation within the food and drink industry as possible.

Hosted by Core Learning Services and in collaboration with the NSA's Food and Drink Skills Sector, CenFRA's e-learning syllabus is available at entry and advanced level, each of which includes 12 comprehensive modules covering subject areas such as food unit operations, instrumentation in food manufacturing, open and closed loop control systems, process automation and management of automated food manufacturing systems.

Designed to work as a standalone programme for strengthening existing skills or for more complex studies connected to engineering and production management, the courses can also be used in conjunction with Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) levels 3 and 4. At the end of the course earners will receive certification from CenFRA Online Learning Ltd, in recognition of the work completed.

Unlike many other online courses, CenFRA's e-learning modules can be completed at a learner's own pace. Typically the allocated time for finishing a course is three months but this can be extended to suit individual learning requirements.

The UK food and drink industry has been recognised as a major growth area for the application of automated systems and CenFRA's collection of e-learning courses have been painstakingly developed to be comprehensive enough and easily accessible to meet the specialist needs of this diverse industry. The on-line learning modules have been designed to meet the skills gap created by the significant uptake in automation and robotic solutions within UK food and drink manufacturing.

Both individuals and groups can easily monitor the progress of learning, which is ideal for tutors and line managers wanting the flexibility to manage programmes of single learners. All the course modules are available with downloadable worksheets, step by step tutorials and response feedback.

Since its appointment as the NSA's UK Strategic Champion for robotics and automation within food and drink manufacturing in 2009, CenFRA has experienced unprecedented demand for delivering high quality, food sector specific learning tools.

Its role as a network champion for the NSA has complemented the company's ability to offer impartial advice, quality training and project management solutions for the food and beverage manufacturing sector and CenFRA is now recognised as one of the best providers of training programmes to the industry.

A key part of the NSA's programme of work is its recognised leading training organisations located across the UK and CenFRA is extremely proud to be playing a vital role within the network in supporting, developing and delivering training to the food and drink industry.

Prices for CenFRA's online learning programmes start at £90 per learner and contracted licences to access modules either individually or as a package can be made available for companies wishing to train 100 + learner groups.

For further information please visit the CenFRA website at or contact one of the company's engineers on 01302 765680. are not responsible for the content of submitted or externally produced articles and images.
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