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New, improved high speed PX separators for fats & oils cuts energy costs

19 October 2011

Alfa Laval has updated its range of PX separators for processing vegetable fats and oils with the addition of eDrive, a direct drive technology that reduces the machine’s footprint and energy costs, and online condition monitoring that helps to maximise uptime and availability.

Globally, processors of vegetable fats and oils have come to depend on high speed centrifugal separators thanks to their cost and process efficiency, which result in high quality end products, thanks to the gentle acceleration and feedstock handling. The most recent updates are intended to help processors boost productivity while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Improved design and separation pays off
Both high-capacity models, the PX 100 and PX 115, which provide high-efficiency separation at capacities of up to 1,250 tonnes a day, have been updated. Recent improvements include optimized design of the bowl, disc stack and outlet. Together with the Centrizoom™ adjustable paring disc, it provides better separation leading to higher capacity and higher yield accompanied by a significant reduction in product losses of as much as 10%. The simplified design also makes maintenance quicker and easier. Other new features include an automatic discharge system with energy consumption of less than 1 kWh per tonne.

The eDrive advantage
In addition, the top-of-the-range PX 115 separator can now be supplied as a PX 115e, fitted with Alfa Laval’s direct drive technology, eDrive. Developed in collaboration with a leading motor technology specialist, the eDrive module has no belts or gears, a very small footprint and variable speed to match different operating conditions. For processors of fats and oils this can mean reduced maintenance costs and up to 10% lower power consumption.

The electronics built into the eDrive system enable customers to make continual productivity improvements over the service life of the PX separator, simply by upgrading the software.

Online monitoring for condition based maintenance
The PX 115e separator can also be supplied with a Cosmos online condition monitoring system that makes it possible to predict maintenance requirements, prevent unscheduled downtime and eliminate unnecessary service costs. Condition monitoring is a must for processers, who want to reap the benefits of moving from time based to condition based maintenance. PX 115e can also be fitted with a 2Touch service panel for supervision/control.

With the recent improvements of its PX range, Alfa Laval present customers with new standards in energy efficiency and reliability, paving the way to better separation results and greater cost-effectiveness.

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