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World leading UK manufacturer in the waste and recycling sector, Taylor announces acquisition by long-term investment partnership

20 October 2011

UK manufacturing success Egbert H Taylor & Co. Ltd has been acquired by Sullivan Street Partners, a pro-active investment firm with a personal interest in the business, effectively putting the company’s future in safe hands and expansion plans firmly on the agenda.

Taylor is the market leader in the design and manufacture of 4-wheeled steel waste and recycling container systems; Taylor's brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and supply chain excellence. Having completed a process of optimising design, technology and business management systems, Taylor was in the right position to move from a large investment group to one with more hands-on experience and day-to-day involvement in order to keep the business agile and bring new investment for the next phase of expansion.

David Williams has worked in the management team at Taylor since 2006 and is now the new CEO, he said, “We have worked hard to develop a lean and competitive business, the task now is to move forwards with fresh investment and a new development and expansion plan. We have been fortunate to find a hands-on investor willing to get involved; it means that key decisions can be made faster, in turn making the company more flexible. With the market in flux we are now able to react very quickly to customer needs and opportunities, improving both customer service and business performance.”

Taylor will continue to operate from the existing Oak Park HQ, logistics centre and manufacturing site in the West Midlands; the company has a long term lease on the facilities and significant room for expansion at the site.

Williams adds, “From a local interest point of view this acquisition means that Taylor retains its independence and existing growth plans can be put into effect. This will equate to more business, providing not only job protection for the existing workforce but almost certainly employment prospects for skilled local people in the future.”

Peter Selkirk, formerly Taylor CEO and now Chairman, comments, “Good design and excellent products can help deliver behaviour change, we have those on board and we operate in an area which is a priority for improvement around the world; we are helping to set the world standard by actively developing the UK standards and exporting them around the world. Environmental issues such as sustainability and waste management are a global issue, and being able to deliver longevity in product performance helps improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact, while good design and training lead to better personal safety and improved working conditions for everyone in the waste collection and recycling industries, both private and municipal.”

Commenting on the new investment, Peter Selkirk added, "We are absolutely delighted to partner with Sullivan Street Partners. The team has been linked with Taylor in a consultancy role for some time now and this has meant they have a good understanding of both the business and the sector, which, linked with their hands-on analytical approach means they can add real value from day one."

Richard Sanders, Partner at Sullivan Street, commented: "Our existing involvement in environmental services companies helped to identify the Taylor Group as an attractive asset with a tremendous position in the UK. Peter Selkirk (former CEO, and new Chairman) and his team have worked hard to position Taylor as an industry leader where they are ready to benefit from increasing sales in new and existing markets. The unique focus that Sullivan Street Partners provides will enable Taylor to rapidly accelerate its growth plans in both the UK and overseas".

Sanders added "Taylor represents a superb platform for us to develop further within the recycling and environmental services business. We were particularly attracted by Taylor's long established, excellent containers and its management team who are a key part of what we are backing."

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