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Optimise to economise: significant savings through efficient pumping

14 December 2011

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An amazing 10% of the world’s electricity consumption is accounted for by pumps (BPMA 2009). More, in fact, than for any other type of equipment. In some processes, that figure can be as high as 50%. Optimizing your pumping processes is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions and operating cost. On Alfa Laval’s website you can now see a film on the subject, and download a fact sheet to help you improve the efficiency of your processes.

The good news is that nearly everyone can make substantial savings by optimizing pump selection. Selecting the right size for maximum efficiency in each process is key. Energy use can also vary enormously between pumps in different processes, so comparing performance can cut bills considerably.

The secret of selection
Russell Jones, pump portfolio manager at Alfa Laval, says: “Cutting energy costs is not just about buying a high-quality pump. It’s about selecting the right pump for each application.
Pump optimization may not be a new idea, but the drive to reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs gives it ever-greater relevance. Online visitors can learn more how to improve their processes, and download tools and fact sheets.”

Major savings
Energy is a challenge that affects us all. New legislation is compelling the world to adopt higher efficiency standards for electrical motors, typically increasing efficiency by around 2%. Clearly there is a great opportunity when energy savings as high as 50% can be achieved by optimizing pump selection.

Four steps to lower energy costs

Considering these factors is the key to saving:

1. Overall system and pump design

Even with high quality pumps, actual performance can vary dramatically from application to application.

2. Variable speed drive

Using a variable frequency drive to adjust pump speed directly can result in energy savings of 30–40%.

3. Wide range and a sizing optimization tool

A broad selection to choose from, complemented by computerized selection tools, helps to achieve the closest match for optimum performance.

4. Best efficiency point (BEP)

For every centrifugal pump size there is an optimum head and flow point where a pump is most efficient.

Learn more online or book a meeting to optimize your processes
See the film, download tools and learn more about energy efficient pumping at: or on

Alfa Laval’s global organization and our sales and working partners are also ready to help you drive down you operating cost. Utilize our expertise and the latest selection and sizing tools to optimize the performance of your processes.

For further information, please contact:

Alfa Laval Ltd

7 Doman Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DN
Phone: 01276 413632
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