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New heat exchanger combines the strengths of plate and tubular technology

11 April 2012

Alfa Laval FusionLine features a unique design with a truly open flow and no contact points. It offers the best of both worlds, combining the energy efficiency, accessibility and modularity of plate technology with the viscous and particulate-handling capabilities of tubular technology.

FusionLine, Alfa Laval’s new open flow plate heat exchanger, is a great choice for viscous and particulate products such as juices, prepared foods, soups and sauces, which have traditionally been processed in tubular heat exchangers.

Crossing the boundaries
By extending over technology boundaries, as illustrated by the dotted line in the diagram below, FusionLine enables food and beverage manufacturers to optimise their performance without compromising on end-product quality, characteristics or economy.

Combining benefits in this way adds an extra dimension in freedom of technology choice. Now the process and the customer can dictate the solution to a much greater extent.

Quality and value
Achim Heiming, Competence Centre Manager Thermal, Alfa Laval, says: “FusionLine is an excellent complement to traditional technologies, providing a new level of flexibility. It’s a solution that should help keep production costs down and end-product quality up.”

Patented technology
FusionLine features a 4-6 mm open channel on the product side (red), which is easy to CIP and fully accessible. The open-channel design is made possible by bonded plate cassettes on the media side (blue). The cassettes are bonded using Alfa Laval’s patented AlfaFusion technology, which bonds two stainless plates together into one piece with no joints.

The AlfaFusion technology allows the use of thin plates providing optimum heat transfer, and thus maintaining a high resistance against product pressure. The unique channel geometry ensures gentle product treatment. Plates can be easily added and removed, providing the flexibility to react to changes in production volume. The footprint is also 30–40% smaller than a tubular heat exchanger.

The FusionLine difference:

• Zero contact points on the product side
• Low pressure drop, requiring low pumping power
• Small footprint
• Easy to clean and inspect

Everything covered
The open flow heat exchanger, FusionLine, is the latest addition to an already wide portfolio. Alfa Laval can offer the right heat exchanger for every food, dairy and beverage – from plate and tubular to scraped surface and ohmic heat exchangers. Everything is covered – even condensing and evaporation duties.

Watch the online film
See our new online film to learn more about heat exchanger selection for the food and beverage industry:

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