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Control System Diagnostics in One Hour

30 May 2012

ExperTune‚s PlantTriage now delivers control system diagnostics within an hour. PlantTriage Configuration Wizards automate the configuration tasks. These wizards were developed using ExperTune‚s patented wizard-builder technology.

The new wizards automatically extract the DCS controller configuration, with the user supplying only the most basic information, such as tag names. The wizard then uses its knowledge of the control system to immediately gather data from the control system. This includes gathering loop configuration information such as engineering units and spans, as well as tuning parameters. 

PlantTriage then has immediate access to up-to-the-second information about the controller modes, setpoint, and process variable.  The collected data feeds ExperTune‚s PlantTriage, which can diagnose control system issues within an hour after the wizard runs. The diagnostics identify faulty instruments, control valves, and tuning, as well as process issues, such as constraints and upstream disturbances.

Wizards are specific to each type of DCS or PLC. Wizards are available for most common control systems, including:

* Invensys
* Honeywell
* Siemens
* Rockwell
* Bailey

"These wizards are a huge time-saver, and they prevent common mistakes" says George Buckbee, Vice President of Product Development at ExperTune. In a way, the wizards automate the automation engineer‚s tasks, freeing them up to act on PlantTriage recommendations and capture the business value immediately.

The wizards are available in ExperTune‚s PlantTriage Version 11. Existing PlantTriage users will automatically receive the wizards at no charge, as part of their software maintenance agreement.

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