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Integrated valve control and automation offers simplicity and savings

29 August 2012

Unique Control for LKB butterfly valves is a new way to control and operate a valve, consisting of an integrated automation unit and actuator. Quick and easy to install, it eliminates the need for separate automation units, and offers unmatched control, durability and hygiene. Flow automation has never been easier or more dependable.

Optimizing processes
Optimal and reliable fluid handling is one of the keys to an efficient and cost-effective process; getting it right can result in substantial savings and efficiency gains. Unique Control LKB delivers greater process efficiency by taking valve operation to the next level. Unique Control LKB with built in actuator offers intelligent control for LKB butterfly valves used in all applications. .

Speedy and simple
Thanks to one-button Push n' Play configuration, Unique Control is up and running in a fifth of the time it normally takes to configure a control unit. This intuitive and fully automatic setup will greatly shorten installation time. One size covers every need, and customers can set it themselves on site to normally open or normally closed, so ordering and stock keeping are simpler too.

Unique Control - Reliable simplicity
Morten Vilholm, Global Portfolio Manager Valves at Alfa Laval, says: “An economical and effective process is about two things: simplicity and control. That’s what Unique Control is all about. It’s a game changer on the valve market – no question.”

Unique benefits
Unique Control LKB features an innovative design where an air spring replaces the conventional mechanical actuator spring. This delivers outstanding durability: the actuator is tested for over a million strokes, making it possibly the most durable on the market.

The composite casing withstands harsh environments without weakening, corroding or discolouring. Unique Control LKB is not sensitive to pressure shocks or temperature variations, eliminating false alarms that can shut down the process. The all-in-one design contributes to Unique Control LKB’s outstanding hygiene, as well as ensuring stable and reliable operation.

Intelligent control
The control unit’s precise surveillance capabilities ensure a smooth operation with good process economy, eliminating costly process interruptions due to unreliable alarms. It works with a conventional digital line or an AS-interface.

Unique Control LKB detects the valve type for optimum valve control and monitors air supply pressure in the system. It will sense any gradual drop in air pressure and send a warning signal. The process can continue running, or a controlled action can be carried out.

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