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ExperTune Simplifies Level Control with Non-Steady-State Tuning

5 September 2012

ExperTune software now includes non-steady-state (NSS) modeling features for integrating control loops. These tools provide fast, simple modeling and tuning of level controls. 

Level controls can be difficult to model and tune with traditional methods, because level signals are rarely at steady-state, unless the controller is already well-tuned. This is largely due to the integrating nature of a level controller. The new tools work with all other integrating processes, such as gas tank pressure controls.

New techniques developed by ExperTune allow the user to develop level control models and tuning, even when the process has not achieved steady-state. This means that users can develop excellent tuning for level controls, even when little data is available.

“In looking at thousands of level controllers and their tuning, we have noticed a pattern.” says George Buckbee, Vice President of Product Development at ExperTune. “Level controls are typically some of the worst-tuned controls in process plants. Level controls have very different dynamics than most other controls, such as temperature, pressure, and flow. These new tools make it simple to tune level controls, even while the level is moving.”

Non-Steady-State (NSS) tuning integrates seamlessly with ExperTune’s PlantTriage and PID Loop Optimizer software. ExperTune’s tools also provide unique capabilities to tune for both tight control and surge-tank scenarios. An integrated wizard, based on the level-tuning techniques of F. Greg Shinskey, is also included. By answering a series of simple questions, the user can develop optimal tuning for surge tanks.

Non-Steady-State modeling is included with PlantTriage version 11 and higher, and with PID Loop Optimizer version 21 and higher. Non-Steady-State Tuning for level controls adds to ExperTune’s existing NSS capabilities for other loop dynamics.

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