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SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2012: Decentralised drive technology under the spotlight

27 November 2012

VLT® Drive Motor FCM 106: New motor-mounted frequency converter

At this year's SPS/IPC/DRIVES, which takes place between 27 and 29 November in Nuremberg, Danfoss will, alongside their established portfolio of new developments such as the VLT® Drive Motor FCM 106, be showcasing a motor-mounted converter. This unit is capable of driving both asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors, and is therefore multi -purpose drive regardless of technology. The drive is offered as a complete drive & motor package, but the electronics can also be purchased on their own if you wish to fit your own motors with speed control.

You can find Danfoss at stand 220 in Hall 3.

No cabinet, simply motor-mounted

Typical challenges that face users when considering frequency converters are related to the cost and space required for the necessary cabinets. The new VLT® Drive Motor FCM 106 combines both motor and converter in an uncomplicated and flexible, motor mounted solution that is a space-saving alternative for industrial pump and fan drives in the 0.55 to 22 kW power range. The VLT® Drive Motor FCM 106 is a complete, all-round package with either an asynchronous or permanent magnet motor. However, users can also purchase the converter part of, called FCP 106 and fit it to a separate (existing) motor. The connection between FCP 106 and motor is designed as a connector with a power rating of up to 7.5 kW, making the device very easy to install. Thanks to integrated cooling and an individually adjustable adapter plate, the device can be adapted to fit a wide variety of motors, making it ideal for your own drive solutions. Compliance with EU engine efficiency directives then becomes a very straightforward matter, as does retrofitting.

The "all-round care-free package"
Installation, commissioning and reliable operation of frequency converters often proves to be challenging. This is not the case with the VLT® Drive Motor, with its high protection rating, robust casing, high-quality EMC filter (mains & motor) and user-friendly controls installed as standard. The number of variants is intentionally kept to a minimum to reduce storage costs. The FCM 106 benefits from the more than 15 years of experience Danfoss has had with the VLT® Drive Motor FCM 300: it has a very robust design and is capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions including high levels of dirt, moisture and dust, large temperature fluctuations, heavy vibrations, and so on. Where necessary, the converter part of the FCM 300 can be replaced with the equivalent for the FCM 106 thanks to specially adjusted adapter plates.

Technical properties at a glance:

- Power range: 3 x 380-480 V / 0.55 to 22 kW
- Protection ratings: IP 55 and IP 66; the circuit boards are painted as standard to withstand harsh environments (class 3C3)
- Adapter plate for wall mounting available
- LCP display: Alphanumerical control unit for commissioning and status display during operation (7 languages available)
- LOP operating device: Unit for start/stop and reference site
- Potentiometer: Generates target value without LCP and is mounted in cable gland
- PC software tool MCT 10 for straightforward programming, commissioning and service
- The drive has a high level vibration resistance in accordance with class 3M6
- FCM 106: Pre-programmed motor data, which avoids the need for further settings
- FCP 106: Motor data is freely programmable and can be protected

Tried and tested Danfoss technology features such as Automatic Energy Optimization (AEO) are also integrated into the device and help the user to save even more energy with minimum hassle. Available communication protocols include the FC protocol, Modbus, Metasys and BACnet, with others in the pipeline too.

Visit Danfoss at Stand 220 in Hall 3.

For further information, please contact Sara Bernard:

Danfoss VLT Drives

Oxford Road

Tel: +44 (0)1270 757584
Fax: +44 (0)1895 617149
Email: sara.bernard@danfoss.com 
Web: www.danfoss.co.uk/vlt
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