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Tsubaki Special Lubrication Service offers extra protection for most environments

31 January 2013

When specifying attachment chain different operating environments lead to different lubrication requirements. High temperatures or running speeds can cause a chain to fail early while some applications may have strict hygiene ratings which must be met. Fortunately Tsubaki has launched a new Special Lubrication Service which gives customers a choice of specially developed lubricants to adapt their purchases to most environments.

Tsubaki is already known throughout the industry for manufacturing one of the widest selections of attachment chain on the market. With over 1,300 permutations of base chain and attachments available from stock, and a ‘Made To Order’ (MTO) service available for bespoke requirements, it is able to offer solutions for almost any application in any industry.

To support its wide range of choice Tsubaki has launched a Special Lubrication Service which allows customers to tailor their purchase to suit the intended application. Tsubaki can offer a choice of five specially prepared lubricants which offer unique benefits to help chain last longer in harsh or specialised environments:

TS-Lube 1: Rust Protection – Offers protection from corrosion for a longer wear life (Temp. -10˚C to +60˚C)
TS-Lube 2: High Viscosity – High wear protection for longer intervals between lubrication (Temp. -10˚C to +60˚C)
TS-Lube 3: High Speed – Lubrication for high-speed applications (Temp. -10˚C to +120˚C)
TS-Lube 4: High Temperature – Low evaporation ratio means wear protection in high-temperature environments (Temp. 0˚C to +250˚C)
TS-Lube 5: Food Grade – Meets NSF-H1 requirements for contact with food (Temp. -10˚C to +120˚C)

Yoshi Sogo, Tsubakimoto Europe’s senior chain engineer, comments: “Tsubaki is committed to offering customers the highest degrees of customisation in the simplest manner. We are achieving this by offering one of the largest ranges of standard attachment chain types in the world and by allowing customers to specify the style of lubrication which best matches their application. Each lubricant has been manufactured with a specific job in mind and every customer will be free to order any of the five choices when they specify suitable standard or ‘Made To Order’ attachment chain.”

The Special Lubrication Service can be applied to any attachment chain without affecting lead time. Applicable products include most BS/DIN and ANSI chains in many sizes. For further information on the benefits of each lubricant speak to a member of Tsubaki’s dedicated sales team.

For further information, please contact Olga Harmsen:

Tsubakimoto Europe B.V
. Marketing Department, Aventurijn 1200, 3316 LB Dordrecht, The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)78 6204000 Web: www.tsubaki.eu
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