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New additions to Torsiflex Disc Couplings range enables coupling sizes to be minimised

21 May 2013

The range of Torsiflex disc couplings from Bibby Transmissions has been expanded to offer customers a greater selection for applications in process pumps, fan blowers, compressors and general industrial markets.

The Torsiflex coupling consists of 2 hubs and a factory assembled transmission unit. In the past, the size of the coupling was determined by a combination of shaft diameter and torque requirement - in some cases the size of the hub forced the use of a larger coupling than would otherwise have been necessary. This constraint has be solved by the introduction of the new AHX hub, which has been developed to accommodate large diameter shafts on process equipment.

The new AHX hub solves a number of issues within this area; the ability to accept larger shaft diameters means that coupling sizes can be kept to a minimum. Previously, equipment with a large shaft diameter necessitated a larger coupling which was not only more expensive, but also heavier, which could cause problems for the bearing assemblies. With the AHX hub, the weight is minimised and the performance of the plant maximised.

When it comes to maintenance, in applications such as pumps, compressors and fans, there can be a requirement for the coupling to be removed on a regular basis. The time required for this operation has been greatly reduced with the AHX hub, where the retaining bolt direction has been reversed to simplify this procedure. Furthermore, if the application required the addition of taper lock bushes, this could have meant increasing the size of the coupling, but again the AHX hub removes this undesired increase in cost.

The range features a plug-in design which allows rapid installation and also ensures that shaft alignment is always maintained; the design also incorporates an anti-flail feature. All the standard couplings meet the requirements of API 610 (American Petroleum Institute) / ISO 14691 for oil and gas applications. The engineered version of the couplings goes one step further and is compliant with API 671 / ISO 10441.

Bibby Transmissions will also be launching the Torsi-Lock® hub, which has been developed as a direct response to industry demand. Customers in a range of sectors have been looking for a cold-install hub that provides the secure torque transmission and balance repeatability of an interference fit. The result is a pre-engineered solution that meets API 610 and can be installed without the need for a hot works permit - crucial to improving safety and productivity in hazardous environments. Torsi-Lock® can be specified for one or both hubs and sized to accommodate a variety of shaft diameters.

The range of Torsiflex couplings is further enhanced by the additional range of composite tube disc couplings, which use the latest material technology to reduce weight and improve strength. Originally designed for use in cooling tower fans, they have been adapted to meet the requirements of many alternative applications, such a long vertical pumps and marine drives.

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