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Continental Specifies Penny Hydraulics For New Industrial Network

17 June 2013

A newly launched Industrial Network from Continental Tyres has selected Penny Hydraulics Tyre Presses to enhance its industrial vehicle support operations. The tyre presses will be used by a network of Continental partners located throughout the UK to supply, service and change the solid tyres used on fork lift trucks and other industrial vehicles. The latest order brings the total number of tyre presses supplied since the start of 2012 to the Continental Industrial Network by Penny Hydraulics to eleven.

“To ensure consistency and service quality we wanted to work with a tyre press supplier with a track record in providing the market with equipment that offered high performance and reliability,” says Rebecca Shedden, General Sales Manager, Commercial Specialty Tyres. “Penny Hydraulics was able to demonstrate long-term commitment to the market through its experience supplying many of the country’s leading tyre service organisations with presses and load handling equipment.”

A high number of the tyre presses for the network are mobile units mounted on a trailer so that the service providers can visit customer sites to ensure rapid response. Fork lift trucks and many other industrial vehicles use solid tyres which must be replaced if they become damaged or worn beyond the manufacturer’s specification. A press is used to remove the old tyre and replace it with a new one. It is often impractical for lift truck operators or their service providers to remove a wheel and take it to a depot so the supplier usually visits with a mobile press to complete the work on-site.

All of the mobile tyre presses have been configured to a specification agreed between Continental and its partners based on a standard Penny Hydraulics model with 120 tonne capacity hydraulic press. The press is mounted on a compact dual axle trailer that can be towed behind a conventional tyre support vehicle and which provides stability and low point loadings for additional safety when driving or stationary. The trailers comply with the latest Category O2 Type Approval legislation.

Depending on the particular requirement, some of the presses have been specified with integrated generators to provide on-board power and avoid the need for connection to a local or on-site supply while others have been configured for use with dual 120/240V local supplies. All have been specified with a compact Penny Hydraulics SwingLift crane mounted on the top of the frame. This allows operators to lift tyres and wheels weighing up to 250kg on and off the press without any need for manual lifting or handling. Penny Hydraulics is also supplying each press with a complete set of tooling, including short and long spider legs, conforming to the latest British Standard.

Penny Hydraulics also offers static models with comparable performance. All the presses are designed and manufactured by Penny Hydraulics to offer the best possible combination of performance and safety in use. A hold-to-run handle ensures the operator is standing in a safe position well away from moving parts. The milled steel press plate, activated by a downward stroking ram, allows precise removal and application of solid tyres.

Penny Hydraulics will provide technical support to Continental and the network partners. The company will also provide long-term service contracts to include routine maintenance, call-out cover and regular statutory inspections through its nationwide network of in-house service engineers. All of the presses are finished in Continental’s distinctive orange livery.

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