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Epson launches first product S1C17W22 from its new ultra-low power 16-bit Flash microcontroller family

9 September 2013

Munich, 5 September 2013 - Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson", TSE: 6724) has announced that it has developed and begun shipping samples of the S1C17W22, a 16-bit flash microcontroller capable of driving 1344-dot matrix high-resolution displays by achieving low power consumption of 4-bit flash microcontrollers.

Recently, there is a growing demand for flash memory microcontrollers with ultra-low power consumption for applications like high-performance watches, remote controls, health care devices, security tokens or small portable electronic devices that are powered by coin cell batteries. Also functions for those applications where measuring temperature, humidity and step counting is requested are increasing to achieve higher performance and create add on values for customers. In order to achieve higher performance and more vivid images, the S1C17W22 features a 1344-dot matrix LCD driver and offers a built-in 64kB flash ROM to store display data. Beside that the new 16-bit microcontroller family can still operate at 1.2V and offers an integrated hardware Real-Time Clock (RTC) to reduce software and hardware development. By incorporating these functions on a single chip, Epson has developed a microcontroller that consumes only 70 - 80% of the power used by previous configurations [1], making the S1C17W22 ideal for applications that run on small coin cell batteries.

To achieve such ultra-low power consumption values, S1C17W22 offers system power efficiency-boosting algorithms and more power modes than previous configurations [1]. Standby energy consumption is just 0.15 µA at 3 V. S1C17W22 also achieves low power current of just 0.3 µA in 32 kHz halt mode and 4 µA in 32 kHz run mode [2] by an internal DC/DC step-down converter, which optimizes the microcontrollers internal operating voltage.

Special features of S1C17W22

Low voltage and ultra-low-power consumption for longer battery lifetime
Low voltage operation guaranteed from 1.2V to 3.6V
Ultra low power consumption ◦ 0.15µA in sleep mode
0.3µA in halt mode (32.768kHz)
4µA in run mode (32.768kHz)
250µA in run mode (1 MHz)
On-chip 64kB flash memory
Available as bare chip and TQFP15-128 package
Wide range of peripherals
Integrated LCD dot matrix driver supporting 72x8, 64x16 or 56x24
R/F converter: 24-bit counter, DC/AC drive switch, 2ch
Integrated Real-Time Clock: Counter for years (takes into account leap years), days of the week, dates, hours, minutes, and seconds; 1ch
Various timer circuits
Serial interface, UART and I²C support
Sound generator
Universal port multiplexers offering a greater degree of design freedom for board layout
Switching between GPIO and segment terminal functions possible
Supply voltage detection circuit of 30 levels from 1.2V-3.6V accurate of 2.5% (-40°C to 85°C)
IR remote controller capable of infrared remote control output

For documentation and further details about the S1C17W22, please see the following link:

For sales enquiries within Europe please contact
Epson Europe Electronics GmbH:

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