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Petrotechnics to Share Asset Integrity Risk Management Expertise at Oil & Gas IQ AIM, Houston

13 December 2013

Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk will be presenting at the Oil and Gas IQ Asset Integrity Management Summit in Houston, 10th – 11th December 2013.

Mike Neill, President Petrotechnics USA, will present a plenary session exploring the use of new technology to better manage asset integrity risk and improve production efficiency. The presentation will highlight the importance of linking asset integrity risk (barrier impairments) with the current workload risk to achieve a holistic understanding of overall operational risk.

In hazardous industries, the challenge to achieve better ways of managing Asset Integrity risk is ongoing and the failure to do so results in increased operational and safety risks to the asset, the people and the environment. Compliance, regulations and production efficiency pressures only serve to add to these challenges and can have a significant impact on their bottom line.

Traditionally, organizations struggle to consistently and reliably capture the most appropriate data required to provide them with accurate risk profiles of the status of the plant and the cumulative risk of all of the work scheduled to take place during a defined period of time. Where organizations have a holistic view of their operating environment including the health of their barriers, day-to-day risk and the dynamic interaction of the two, they can make more informed and effective decisions which lower risk and allow more work to be done safely.

Petrotechnics will highlight how asset integrity professionals can use new technology to systemize how operational risk is dynamically captured, visualized and managed across plants. With a common and improved view of operational risk, organisations can make better informed decisions moving them towards operational excellence and improve the overall health, integrity, safety and efficiency in order to get more work done safely.

The event theme ‘Highlighting robust integrity practices to improve asset efficiency and extend the life-cycle of ageing assets’ will provide the perfect platform for Petrotechnics to share their revolutionary way of managing asset integrity risk management. Mike Neill, President of Petrotechnics:

“We’ve been helping companies to lower operational risk and improve production efficiency for over a decade. We help our customer to optimize how they manage the link between asset integrity and Workload Management to improve frontline operations. With Proscient, our customers are able to proactively optimize the work schedule by managing workload against risk in the dynamic plan, enabling them to get more of the right work done safely, efficiently and sustainably. AIM Houston will give us the ideal forum to share our passion and expertise with the Asset Integrity Management audience.”

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Urquhart
Tel:  +44 1224 395951
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