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Latest market research reveals mobile future for business

17 December 2013

Independent research commissioned by mobile solutions company Peak-Ryzex has revealed 85 per cent of IT decision makers see mobile computing as having the greatest benefit in customer service, with 45 per cent of those surveyed already using mobile computing for competitive advantage. However, more than half (65 per cent) of companies surveyed that do not have a mobility strategy today will have a programme in place within the next 12 months.

The annual benchmarking study by market research firm Proteus discovered that 71 per cent of those surveyed think mobility will have an important role in the future of their businesses.

One of the key elements of mobility programmes is flexibility and the research shows that nearly a third of companies are considering a hybrid solution to support Windows, Apple and Android devices. Just over a third of those interviewed realise the increasing importance of the tablet and 20 per cent agree that the PC and laptop will become less useful.

According to Peak-Ryzex, there has been much talk and speculation about the future of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, which it believes will continue as employees want to use devices and applications they feel comfortable with. Peak Ryzex is seeing an increase in customers needing help with strategies to deal with this convergence between consumer and enterprise type devices, which is creating both opportunities and challenges.

To prepare for BYOD companies need to concentrate on managing data and not the actual devices used by employees as these can be monitored and managed using Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems and services. Of those surveyed who had an existing MDM solution in place, 87 per cent felt that the solution effectively supports their business although from those who had invested in an MDM solution nearly half considered it to be underutilised.

“Our research shows that the future is mobile – with BYOD being part of it. We believe that this is in part driven by ‘Generation C’ – the connected generation. These people are found in all age groups and walks of life,” says Damian Penney, Managing Director of Peak-Ryzex in the UK.

“If companies cannot keep pace with the expectations of Generation C, they risk being left at a competitive disadvantage in terms of both lost productivity and high staff turnover. We are working closely with customers to ensure they maximise the potential of mobile solutions to give them the competitive edge they seek.”

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Davies
Marketing Manager
Tel:  +44 (0) 1249 465 100
Email: jessica.davies@peak-ryzex.com
Web:  uk.peak-ryzex.com/
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