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6 January 2014

The performance and reliability of technical insulation materials can only be ensured if all the components and accessories used to install the products are compatible with one another, tested as a system and installed professionally. By choosing a thermal insulation system with a fully co-ordinated range of adhesives, paints and tapes, the long-term protection against condensation, and a high energy efficiency over the maximum service life of an installation can be achieved.

As an established manufacturer of high performance engineered thermal and acoustic foam insulation materials, Armacell have recently launched a completely new generation of adhesives, to simplify the installation process and ensure that their Armaflex product can be specified for major projects even where the highest environmental and health requirements apply.

The full range of Armaflex accessories; incorporating adhesives, cleaners, paints and self-adhesive tapes perform important functions to increase the reliability, efficiency and service life of technical insulation installations. They have been developed specifically for the range of Armaflex insulation tubes and flat sheet materials, with all products being subjected to extensive internal and external testing. This is complemented with continuous quality inspections throughout manufacture to ensure the necessary long-term performance and high energy efficiency demanded of Armacell insulation systems. On the contrary, the use of non-approved adhesives, cleaners and paints can cause damage to the insulation materials and lead to sub-standard applications.

Armaflex insulation materials not only have good technical properties, they are also particularly user friendly because of their high flexibility. However, it is crucial that elastomeric materials are glued professionally. The choice of adhesive depends on the Armaflex materials used, and the specific requirements of the project in question. Alongside the tried-and-tested standard adhesives, Armacell now offers completely new products including the thixotropic, gel-like non-drip Armaflex RS850 high-performance adhesive. This adhesive has been developed to be applied more quickly and neatly than standard adhesives, and releases minimal amounts of solvents when idle, helping to meet the higher requirements of green building schemes. Furthermore, unlike standard contact adhesives, there is no danger of combustion or explosion, so they are not subject to transport restrictions.

The Armaflex Ultima, synthetic rubber insulation materials based on the innovative Armaprene technology for reduced smoke density and fire safety, require the use of adhesives that have been specially formulated for this new type of foam. For these materials too, Armacell offers (in addition to the standard Armaflex Ultima 700 adhesive), a gel-like, non-drip Armaflex Ultima RS850 adhesive.

To enhance reliability and quality in technical insulation, Armacell has been investing in application and installation training for decades, and in Northern Europe alone the company trains around 1,200 professional thermal insulation contractors in the installation of its products every year. When the skills of these professional craftsmen are combined with a fully integrated Armacell insulation system and accessories, then the highest reliability and maximum performance of installations can be achieved.

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Armacell UK Ltd,
Mars Street,
Tel:  +44 161 287 7015       
Fax:  +44 161 633 2685
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