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Thomson Solution Delivers Smooth, Backlash-free “Horsepower”

15 January 2014

The EquusCT from Artec Imaging is a patient position and CT scanning table with floating carousel that offers a high degree of manoeuvrability for veterinarians practicing equine healthcare. EquusCT utilises a Thomson ball screw assembly and Thomson bearings and shafting rail assemblies to enable a horse's head, neck, front and rear legs to be accurately scanned in any CT scanner, with 2D and 3D diagnostic image output.

"In selecting components for the EquusCT, smooth, backlash-free motion, as well as total weight and drive accuracy, were paramount considerations. The Thomson solution met all of our design criteria, including the need for highly accurate and repeatable motion, and it did so within budget," says Art Gaines, President, Artec Imaging.

The Thomson ball screw assembly moves the EquusCT carousel in a longitudinal direction for a distance of 36 inches. The ball screw is driven by a servo motor that gets its data from an on-board computer; the computer obtains its data from a sensor that tracks the movement of the CT table-top.

The longitudinal movement and weight of the carousel/carriage/patient is accomplished by riding on two 1 in. Thomson 60 Case® LinearRace stainless steel shafts that are each 84 in. long, with double pillow block bearings. The lateral movement and combined weight of the carousel/carriage/patient is accomplished by riding on four 0.75 in. 60 Case shafts, each 15 in. long and supported by double pillow blocks. The Thomson solution supports total loads up to 1,360 kg (3,000 lbs.) while delivering lateral movement accuracy to +/- 3.0 in.“ capabilities that permit ease of patient positioning and accurate anatomical scans for horses and other large animals up to 935kg (2,100 lbs.).

"The EquusCT is positioned directly over a CT couch for scanning head, neck or limbs without any electrical or mechanical interfacing. It automatically tracks with the CT couch, moving the selected anatomy into the gantry for scanning," explains Gaines. "The EquusCT can be customised to suit any fixed or variable height CT/TOMO scanner. The head, rump, leg supports and IV pole support are secured to the carousel and can be placed around the outer perimeter for optimum patient positioning."

The EquusCT imaging table is used currently in private equine clinics around the world. It is also used in schools of veterinary medicine at the University of Florida, Oregon State University, North Carolina State University, Louisiana State University, Texas A & M University, University of Tennessee, Auburn University, the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, Murdoch University, Perth Australia, the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, and Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia.

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Thomson Industries Inc.
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