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Energy efficient solutions from VLT® Drives play a vital role in making a Danish company more competitive

5 February 2014

At the Danish company, Bogense Plast, which produces plastic components for use in products that range from machine parts to well-known designer products, energy-efficient solutions have long been a top priority.

The company, which employs 75 people, has chosen to keep production in Denmark, so optimizing operations has been a decisive factor in keeping costs down and staying competitive in a global market.

Part of the answer has been to invest in eight 30-55 kW Danfoss VLT® Automation Drives. The frequency converters are installed in the injection-molding machines and on the free coolers used to chill water, and combined with other energy-efficient solutions, this has resulted in a 40 percent reduction in energy consumption and savings amounting to approximately 53,600 euros annually.

“It comes naturally in the plastics industry to focus on energy savings, because all processes depend on electricity to heat the plastic, to operate the machines, and to transport materials,” says Per Grunddal Jørgensen, Technical Director at Bogense Plast. He explains that keeping a green focus not only means cutting the energy bill – but also secures more contracts in the order book.

“Increasingly, our global customers are demanding that we focus on energy optimization and the environment. Many of them have a green profile, and as they outsource their competences to sub-suppliers, they are beginning to send these demands about energy optimization on down the supply chain,” says Per Grunddal Jørgensen, who says that Danfoss was the natural choice when the company decided to invest in frequency converters:

“Danfoss delivers good service, which is incredibly important to us. In addition, Danfoss offers product support that we can use to get answers to our queries. That’s great,” says the technical director.


• The payback time of the eight VLT® frequency converters is expected to be around two years.
• The eight VLT® frequency converters have also reduced the consumption of cooling oil in the machines, and, equally, machine wear has been reduced, because they are no longer are exposed to constant high-pressure loads.
• Meanwhile, maintenance costs have also dropped and the noise level has been reduced, which results in a better working environment in the production hall.

For more information, please contact:

Sara Bernard
Danfoss VLT Drives
Oxford Road
Tel:  +44 (0) 1270 757 584
Mob:  +44 (0) 7841 567 774
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