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Linear actuators provide new levels of performance and efficiency over pneumatic alternatives:

18 March 2014

Thomson's recently announced PC-series precision electric linear actuators are available from UK authorised distributor Heason Technology. With the highest power density of any actuator in its class, these compact and highly energy efficient actuators have been designed for continuous duty use as cost-saving replacements for traditional pneumatic cylinders - where they offer much simpler machine design with fewer components, considerably more flexibility in control, as well as much reduced maintenance and higher overall performance.
Thomson estimates that replacing pneumatic cylinders with the PC-series for many applications can generate energy savings per-axis which exceeds the cost of the new actuator in only one year. Other benefits include the inherent flexibility offered with electric automation especially where frequent machine changes are required – by simply changing end point and profile positions in the control program rather than physically needing to adjust end-stops on pneumatic machines.

The construction of the actuator, with a smooth housing, precision ball screw, and stainless steel extension tube and rod adapter with IP65 rated sealing, suits applications in food and beverage packaging and processing where frequent wash down may be required. The robust actuator design has a high side load capability and quiet operation that is also suitable for material handling, factory automation and medical/laboratory equipment.

Through the PC-series, actuators have square sizes of 34, 45 and 55 mm with stroke lengths up to 1200 mm which is twice the travel of most competitive actuators in similar frame sizes. A wide range of ball screw leads for each actuator frame size (typically 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 mm) allow speeds up to 1.6 m/sec with thrust force to 6000 N. Accessories include male and female rod-end mounts, spherical joints, front and rear clevis’ as well as foot mounts – allowing straightforward commissioning in almost all mechanical installations. A choice of direct and pulley offset mounting is also available. The mechanical interfaces and adapters for the PC-series conform to ISO 15552, making machine upgrade straightforward.

One of the stand-out features of the PC-series is the mechanical interfacing for the motor. Thomson has used its innovative RediMount™ system which is compatible with more than 600 pre-engineered motor configurations. This allows users a very flexible choice of stepper motors, brushed and brushless servomotors or other motor technologies for the actuator. As an authorised distributor for Thomson, Heason Technology provides complete application sizing and support for the new range to ensure customers’ application requirements are fully met.

For more information, please contact:

Heason Technology Limited
Motion Solutions Centre
Spring Copse Business Park
Slinfold, West Sussex
RH13 0SZ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1403 755800
Fax: +44 (0)1403 755810
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