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Eurotherm launches the new EFit SCR Power Controller

19 March 2014

Invensys Eurotherm, a global supplier of measurement and instrumentation for process and machine control applications, has launched the new EFit SCR Power Controller. The EFit is an easy to integrate and commission power controller, providing no compromise on control for resistive and infrared heating elements.

Nicolas Ebel, Power Products Manager at Invensys Eurotherm explains how the EFit overcomes a number of challenges and achieves outstanding stable, precise control even in the most demanding of industrial environments. He said: “There are many industrial processes such as heat treatment that require precise temperatures in order to comply with regulations and it is imperative that the work piece temperature is kept within specific limits. This can be difficult to achieve in industrial plants where the operation of large machinery can cause fluctuations in the voltage supply. With resistive heaters, for example, there can often be a variation of 10% in the supply voltage and this can generate a 20% variation in the power to the load, resulting in adverse temperature fluctuations.”

He continued, “EFit overcomes these issues as the power controller contains built in compensation that continues to apply stable power with better than ±2% linearity at the boundaries of the load, even during fluctuations in the supply. The result is a reliable, repeatable heating process and high quality end products compliant to demanding heat treatment standards.”

Key features and benefits of EFit include:

Connect Easily:

Easy installation, just clip onto a DIN rail. Offers minimal connection with pre-wireable plug in connectors
Straightforward connection and commissioning to global standards; nothing to configure, simply plug and play
Compact dimensions make it suitable for both new and retrofit applications, and reduces cabinet costs

Control Precisely:

Built in power stabilisation and a variety of firing modes for different types of load, provides energy savings and high quality products
Precise control, including the elimination of voltage fluctuations, achieves tight tolerances and the ability to optimise energy use
Consistent high quality end products that comply to standards with no scrap or rework

Improve Processes:

Minimising downtime as EFit reliably operates in heavy industrial conditions, with high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, maximising throughput and reducing the cost of ownership
Designed to give a fast stable response even in heavy industrial environments enabling continuously optimised heating processes with minimum downtime. This faster throughput improves OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and helps with the achievement of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Standardise Globally:

Peace of mind for installers working in a global environment where industry regulations form an essential part of the engineering supply chain. The product is cUL approved, CE compliant to power controller product standards, and China RoHS

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