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Learn the Theory and Practice of Sensor Measurements with the National Instruments UK & Ireland Webcast Series

24 March 2014

Back by popular demand, the 4-part Sensor Measurements Fundamentals webcast series will be broadcast at the end of March, to help engineers and scientists acquire reliable and accurate measurements as part of their monitoring, test or control system. Throughout each of the interactive webcasts, engineers from National Instruments UK & Ireland will teach the fundamentals, from theory to practice, of acquiring common sensor and signal measurements.

Sensors are at the foundation of every measurement system, but the way they work and the strategies for making the most of them vary by type and application. The first webcast in the series will cover the essentials of data acquisition and lay the groundwork for subsequent sessions, which focus on specific sensor applications such as temperature, voltage or pressure measurements.

Webcasts will be streamed twice each day from 25th March and will also be available on demand after the series is complete. To register for one, or all of the webcasts, go to

The Sensor Measurements Fundamentals webcast series as follows:

·    Data Acquisition Basics and Technology, 25th March, 10am and 2pm
The series begins with an introduction to the fundamental concepts and the terminology associated with data acquisition. Sensor measurements are complex, requiring integration of multiple physical quantities, high accuracy and accounting for real-world irregularities and deviations. This webcast covers essential sensor operating principles including sensitivity, range, precision, resolution, multiplexing, response time and dynamic linearity, which are critical to ensure accurate representation of the physical phenomenon being measured.

·    Temperature Measurements, 26th March, 10am and 2pm
Watch this webcast for a detailed guide to measurement and device considerations for temperature measurements using thermocouples, RTDs or thermistors. Participants will also learn about common temperature applications, sensor basics and how to connect sensors to instruments.

·    Voltage, Current and Power Measurements, 27th March, 10am and 2pm
Explore the fundamentals of creating AC/DC voltage, current and power quality/monitoring measurement systems. Learn about high voltage measurements, isolation and how to properly connect signals to data acquisition systems for accurate acquisition. In addition, watch a demonstration on how to take power measurements.

·    Load, Pressure and Torque Measurements, 28th March, 10am and 2pm
Learn how to measure load and pressure using load cells and see how wheatstone bridges form the foundation of pressure, load and torque measurements. This webcast also explores concepts such as signal conditioning for load measurements and connecting a sensor to the instrument.

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