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25 March 2014

Thermal and acoustic insulation manufacturer Armacell has developed a new product selector website and app to help contractors and mechanical services engineers choose the right technical insulation solution depending on the different application parameters they select.

The tool features a series of yes or no questions that funnels down the list of suitable Armacell products for the application depending on the answers given.

Armacell is the manufacturer of the market leading Armaflex flexible elastomeric foam rubber products for energy saving and condensation control of HVAC and mechanical services equipment (including pipework, air ducts, vessels and valves). The UK manufactured products include the recently launched AF/Armaflex Class O product range, a combination of the long established Class O Armaflex formulation with the European standard AF/Armaflex product with improved water vapour diffusion resistance and thermal conductivity ratings. The new AF/Armaflex Class O product merges together the entire range of tubes, self-adhesive tubes (AF/Armaflex Class O Self Seal), sheets, tape and pipe supports together under the same product group and harmonised technical values for the first time.

The new formulation was necessitated by the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation introduced in 2013. The regulation means it is mandatory for Armaflex and other thermal insulation products to carry a CE Mark and sets out a harmonised European standard (hEN) for declaring the technical values of Flexible Elastomeric Foams. New Euroclass fire test procedures are also required to govern the declared performance. The obligatory technical values, as set out in the harmonised standard, must then be stated by the product manufacturers in a Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate.

The new product selector tool has been created with this new development in mind, complete with the latest AF/Armaflex Class O range information and the range of Arma-Chek covering systems to protect Armaflex from mechanical impact and weatherisation effects when installed outdoors. The non-halogen NH/Armaflex for transport applications and HT/Armaflex for industrial and hot gas line temperatures are also included. Completing the Armaflex range is the IMO and London Underground approved Armaflex Ultima product range, which is the first elastomeric foam insulation to achieve a Euroclass fire rating of Bs1, d0.

The product page recommendations generated by the site and product selector app have links to all the supporting information and the accessories required for successful Armaflex installations. . The tool can be found in the products section of the Armacell UK website ( or at and is available to download from the iTunes store.

For more information, please contact:

Armacell UK Ltd,
Mars Street,
Tel:  +44 161 287 7015       
Fax:  +44 161 633 2685
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