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Dual loop controller makes difficult demands history

9 July 2014

CD Automation, the supplier of industrial controllers, drives and automation products now distributes Lumel’s RE92 temperature and process controller. The advanced dual loop controller is particularly reliable for the most demanding industrial control applications and can independently control two loads, or two physical values on one load.

Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers examine feedback signals in a process and calculate how much the power level needs to be adjusted in order to achieve accurate control. They automatically manage process variables like temperature, pressure, flow and any other physical variable that can be represented as an analogue signal.

The RE92 is a 1/4 DIN (96x96mm) controller with two channels. This means it virtually provides two PID controllers in one space-saving package. As a standard, Lumel’s RE92 has six relay outputs, with SSR, analogue or digital as options, as well as three digital inputs. Its modern control functions include independent dual loop, an innovative SMART PID algorithm with auto-tuning function, four sets of PID parameters and an additional set for cooling, as well as six types of alarm with programmable hysteresis and memory.

“Independent dual loop comes in particularly handy when controlling two separate temperatures on a furnace, for example,” explained Jez Watson, managing director of CD Automation. “Such an application, which would normally require two separate controllers, can now be handled easily by only one RE92. Alternatively, the two loops can be used together in an application like temperature and humidity control.

“Overall, the RE92 considerably simplifies demanding temperature and process control applications, making control smarter, more intuitive and significantly reducing maintenance costs.”

The user-friendly interface has a 2.5 inch full-colour graphic screen with luminosity control. The menu is available in English and Polish and the password-protected regulator access allows four users, with three access levels. This means the controller is secure and easy to use. The RE92 can be programmed using LUMEL’s LPCon software, available for download on the company website. This allows the user to save the configuration to file and fast copy the settings to other RE92s, saving both time and maintenance costs.

Advanced programming control is another significant benefit of the RE92. The dual loop controller can take 20 internal programs (ten for each channel), and 15 units per program. It can signal up to six events per unit and select PID parameters for any unit.

The RE92 also allows for digital communication, with RS485 as a standard and Ethernet as an option. RS485 offers data transmission speeds of 35 MB/s up to 10m and 100 KB/s at 1200m. Because the standard uses a differential balanced line, it can span large distances of up to 1200m and resists electromagnetic interference, from motors and welding equipment for instance.

Finally, the RE92’s installation category III, IP65 panel sealing and galvanic isolation prevents current flow and ensures the safety and reliability of the advanced dual loop controller in the harshest environments.

For more information, please contact:

Jez Watson,
CD Automation UK Ltd
Unit 9 Harvington Business Park
Brampton Road
East Sussex
BN22 9BN
Tel:  +44 1323 811 100
Fax:  +44 1323 879 012
Email: jez.w@cdautomation.co.uk
Web:  www.cdautomation.co.uk 
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