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Eaton motors and pumps help Russia’s Combines withstand the tough operating conditions of the harvest season

10 November 2014

Agriculture plays a leading role in the economy of the Rostov area in southern Russia, with fertile black earth and great weather conditions combining to create a solid foundation for economic growth. The collaboration between Rostselmash - one of the world's five largest producers of Combine Harvesters and agricultural equipment - and Eaton Hydraulics is now showing how the region's sound basis can be put to even more effective use, with wisely chosen agricultural equipment ensuring dynamic growth for its enterprises.

A testament to this successful co-operation is the effectively managed harvest season by the leading player in Russia’s bottled oil industry and the country’s largest agricultural producer- Yug Rusi. This significant result has been achieved thanks to Rostselmash’s state-of-the-art Combine Harvesters equipped with a range of Eaton’s hydraulics solutions, including motors and pumps.

Yug Rusi’s old-standing relationship with Rostselmash dates back to over 80 years. Looking to build upon its success and increase its flexibility in pursuing its mission, Yug Rusi recently required agricultural equipment that would allow for continuously variable power transmission in any gear and provide a wide range of operating speeds to make effective use of its combines in both high-yield and low-yield fields. High road speeds were also important in order to reduce the amount of time the machines spend getting from one place to another.

In order to fully meet Yug Rusi’s needs, Rostselmash turned to Eaton’s expertise. With a great deal of experience in this field, Eaton has developed solutions for agricultural equipment for over fifteen years now and has dealt with machines of every type and function. The company offers a full range of products for accomplishing technological tasks of varying degrees of complexity, from innovative hydraulic power steering and electro-hydraulic valves to tough hoses and hose fittings, as well as efficient motors and pumps.

In partnership with Rostselmash, Eaton recently developed an optimized solution using a hydrostatic transmission including Series 1 closed-circuit motor and pump to ensure a wide range of operating speeds, as well as high combine road speeds. These Eaton solutions were installed on ACROS Combine Harvesters after testing and prototyping. “In our view, it's no coincidence that this popular model won the Farmer's Choice Awards and was judged 2013's Best Grain Harvester,” said Alexei Moshnenko, marketing director at Rostselmash. “The Eaton solution provides us the ability to do more with the machines than we ever imagined.”

Thanks to the installation of Eaton’s hydraulics solutions, Yug Rusi’s Rostselmash Combine Harvesters have improved their ability to move up and down slopes, thus reducing the amount of time the machines spend getting from one place to another. In addition, the reliability of the system has enabled it to withstand severe operating conditions, even at the height of the harvest season. As a result, Yug Rusi is now able to process 250 hectares on average using Rostselmash Combine Harvesters, which illustrates the reliability of Eaton’s transmissions and gives farm workers confidence that the harvest will go according to schedule.

Using new, state-of-the-art Rostselmash agricultural equipment with Eaton’s hydraulics solutions combined with cutting-edge agricultural technologies and effective agriculture management has thus helped to ensure that business is brisk at Yug Rusi Rostov Farm. Farm manager Sergei Alekseyenko explains, “We need equipment that's productive, but at the same time easy to use. Eaton’s hydraulic transmissions allow our combines to travel over even the roughest ground. This is a big plus when harvesting not only grain, but also oil-bearing crops. All of this enables us to keep prospering and growing.”

Commenting on Rostselmash’s successful relationship with Eaton in supplying Combine Harvesters to Yug Rusi, Rostselmash marketing director Alexei Moshnenko said, “Eaton is our primary hydraulics partner for a number of our key Combine Harvesters. Consistently high quality, reliability, and robust technology are the deciding factors for us. Orders for Rostselmash Combine Harvesters with Eaton’s hydraulics products continue to grow, and that's why the future of our business relationship looks bright.”

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