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New EXCH handling system delivers advanced dynamics on a large scale

8 June 2015

Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, has launched a new large scale handling system, the EXCH handler, which provides advanced dynamic positioning and motion control in pick and place, cutting and assembly applications. It delivers fast throughput with improved energy efficiency and, as a result, enables users to optimise their process times and reduce operating costs.

The EXCH handler is scalable up to 2.5m in the x-axis and 1.5m in the y-axis, which is more than double the working area of typical tripod handling systems, and provides machine builders and systems integrators with a reliable, high performing system for their machine. It can carry out full circular interpolation, for tasks such as cutting complex shapes or depositing a profiled bead of glue.

The EXCH handler’s parallel kinematic system is extremely energy efficient. As the system features only a static motor on each axis, which both apply torque directly to the moving product; it can position larger payloads more quickly than standard Cartesian positioning systems where the motor and axis mass has to be added to the payload. 

The gantry is available in two sizes, EXCH-40 and EXCH-60, which can reliably move payloads of 4kgs and 6kgs respectively whilst delivering an impressive up to 100 picks per minute. The system can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally, providing horizontal applications with fast positioning speeds of up to 5m/s, and high acceleration up to 50m/s2 and vertical applications with speeds of up to 4m/s, and acceleration up to 30m/s2. The gantry can also be simply coupled with an electric or pneumatic axis in the z dimension for a rotary / lifting module in 3D applications.

The system is exceptionally easy to set up and it can be ordered complete with a CMCA control cabinet which can control up to six axes. It is delivered as a ready-to-install, complete system, fully assembled and wired, in only three weeks.

The EXCH handler is ideal for applications such as high speed palletising, pick and place, laser and vinyl cutting, in end-of-line packaging and light assembly. Industries include packaged goods in the food and beverage industry and general assembly of car parts in the automotive industry.

“Festo has combined its expertise of mechanical axes with motors and drives in this new advanced dynamic handling system to provide users with a fast system for pick and place applications,” says Nigel Dawson, Product Manager at Festo GB. “It provides excellent performance, while being simple to install and use.”

This latest launch broadens the Festo H handler range from the existing small format, table top devices up to a swept area of 3m2.

For further information, please contact:

Festo Ltd
Technology House
1 Fleetwood Park
Barley Way
GU51 2QJ
Tel: 01252 775000
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