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Reliable, efficient, low-maintenance compressed air solution for Faversham Linen Services

25 November 2015

When Faversham Linen Services, a family-owned laundry business in Kent established over 100 years ago, was devastated by fire, the owners seized the opportunity to build a greener, more efficient operation in its place. Alongside investment in some of the most advanced laundry equipment in the world, Faversham Linen Services chose Mattei’s variable and fixed speed compressors to provide a reliable, efficient and low-maintenance supply of compressed air.

Established in 1898, Faversham Linen Services provides clean, quality linen, towels and workwear to a diverse range of customers across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London, including hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and care homes.

In June 2013, a huge fire tore through the business’ Victorian premises in Faversham, burning the building to the ground. Unable to salvage anything from the wreckage, Faversham Linen Services’ owner Richard Cope saw the fire as an opportunity to rebuild a stronger business, and work began almost immediately on a brand new, state-of-the-art 23,000sq ft (2,137sq m) laundry, which would be built on the same site. The very latest processing and cleaning equipment was commissioned and installed in the new facility – which opened just 12 months after the fire.

For the laundry business to operate at its optimum performance, Richard knew he also needed to invest in new compressors. Compressed air plays a pivotal role in keeping Faversham Linen Services’ operations running smoothly, with it being used in all its processes, including controlling the detergent dosing, washing, drying and ironing and shrink wrapping.

Even before the fire, the company was in the process of making improvements to the reliability and efficiency of the existing compressors. A data logging exercise and a leak detection survey had revealed the existing system was not performing efficiently and the full extent of the energy being wasted through leakage. 

Armed with the research from the old compressed air equipment and the criteria he wanted for the new equipment, Richard approached Mattei to discuss its product portfolio. Faversham Linen Services required a variable speed compressor for flexibility, as well as a fixed speed compressor as a standby to cope with additional load or to offload capacity during routine maintenance of the variable speed compressor.

Mattei specified an Optima22 variable speed compressor and an AC22L fixed speed machine, along with air treatment and storage equipment.

Richard said: “It is our mission to stay ahead of the market through innovation, and we have a long tradition of investment in the latest technology to achieve this objective. Every aspect of our operation – including compressed air – is considered important to the overall performance of the business and the service we offer our customers.

“One of the main selling points for us was Mattei’s warranties. We could see the compressors were great products and the performance and efficiency met the criteria we were looking for, but the 10-year unlimited hours air end and 100,000 hour blade warranties, along with the reliable service Mattei offers, meant that we could keep our running costs low too. It felt like we would be installing a fit-and-forget product, as any issues would be taken care for us quickly and with as little downtime as possible.

“Understanding the cost implications of badly designed or poor quality pipework, we went for Mattei’s recommendation of Teseo pipework too. This was quick to install – which fitted in with our fast turnaround time required to reopen the facility in 12 months – and it also looks neat and tidy. Like the compressors, it comes with a long warranty for added peace of mind.

“Overall, Mattei offered a competitively priced package, which had many long-term cost savings for us in terms of better efficiencies and lower maintenance costs. The added reliability and reassurance was crucial; our work is time-critical, and we cannot afford unscheduled breakdowns.”

Colin Young, business development manager at Mattei, said: “In the laundry sector, compressed air is as important as water, so we understand that it’s essential to have reliable and efficient compressors. Following a data logging exercise, Faversham Linen Services had a very clear idea of the kind of compressed air technology they wanted in their new facility. We were able to provide them with a solution that met their needs, and that would support the advanced laundry equipment installed.”

Mattei offers a range of energy efficient compressors, and aims to raise awareness about related, cost-effective services that could improve efficiency.

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