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19 January 2016

Infrared windows that are designed to withstand the rigours of the industrial environment and maintain accuracy are the products for which IRISS is already world-renowned. With its latest introduction, however, the company has set the bar even higher in terms of product durability. The new IRISS CAP-ENV is unequivocally the toughest and most reliable infrared window available and suitable for thermal inspection of energised equipment in the visual, UV and all three infrared wavelengths.

What sets this product apart from others in the IRISS range is a stainless steel housing complete with a reinforced, lockable door which is environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA 6. This means that accurate quantitative and qualitative measurements can now be taken from live electrical systems in the most hostile of conditions. IRISS CAP-ENV is therefore ideal for use in offshore, onshore or marine applications, exposed industrial environments and in climates characterised by temperature extremes.

An exclusive pharmaceutical grade reinforced Poly-View System™ polymeric material creates the large and clear, rectangular IR window of the CAP-ENV. It provides an unparalleled field of view when compared to traditional round windows and a choice of standard sizes is available to suit the application. These range up to CAP-ENV 24 that measures 61cm x 21.8cm; custom sizes, materials, locking devices, labelling and colour are also available.

The benefits of the IRISS IR transmissive polymers for industrial applications are clear. The materials are unaffected by mechanical stress and are shatterproof. They maintain a fixed and stable transmission rate even when exposed to humidity, moisture, seawater and a broad spectrum of acids and alkalis. The addition of an environmentally sealed door on the CAP-ENV system, allows IRISS to complement these qualities with another layer of application security, creating a supremely reliable data collection port for tough applications.

These credentials are assured by a series of certifications. Indeed, IRISS windows comply with more standards, by far, than any other IR window. These include UL, cUL, CSA, IEEE, Lloyds of London and most recently, DNV accreditation. The IRISS CAP-ENV is no exception to the rule but it also carries the higher IP rating confirming its suitability for harsh environments. And, in common with all IRISS products, the CAP-ENV is also protected by the IRISS unconditional lifetime warranty.

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