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Dubai Drink Technology Expo begins with an unexpected visit for Hanovia

25 May 2016

Hanovia's first day at the Dubai Drink Technology Expo began with an unexpected surprise.

His Excellency Mr. Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of the Department of Economic Development, called at Hanovia's booth and took part in the official unveiling of their PureLine UVEO UV disinfection system at the show. He then listened to MEA Sales Manager, Halim Mirza, explain how UV technology helps food and beverage producers keep their process water pure without resorting to chemical disinfection.

“Having His Excellency Mr. Al Qamzi unveil our new product in the Middle East region was an unexpected honour,” says Gunvinder Bhogal, Hanovia’s Global Marketing Manager. “He appeared to take great interest in the technology and how it disinfects process water in an environmentally friendly way, without any disinfection by-products.”

“I believe we are the only company to launch a new product at the Expo,” added Mr Bhogal. “We believe the PureLine UVEO system is ideally suited for food and beverage producers in the region as it meets all necessary standards and regulations and offers a very high level of biosecurity while also reducing operational costs. Powered by ‘UVEO technology’, the new generation PureLine UV systems deliver up to 60% less power usage than conventional, equivalent UV systems, meaning lower energy use while still delivering effective water disinfection at required flows – all with a single medium pressure lamp.”

Hanovia has 90 years of UV design and manufacturing experience. Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom and it has regional offices in Germany, the USA and China, supporting EMEA, the Americas and Asia respectively. The company provides an unrivalled level of customer care under its UVCare service and works very closely with a global network of distributors to ensure its customers receive a very professional experience. This is why Hanovia is a world leader in UV disinfection technology for processing applications. From its early days manufacturing UV lamps to treat skin conditions to today’s validated, performance qualified UV water treatment systems, Hanovia has always been a technology leader and at the at the forefront of UV innovation. The company is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

For more information, please contact:

Gunvinder Bhogal
Global Marketing Manager
Hanovia Ltd
780 Buckingham Avenue
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 1753 515300
Fax:  +44 1753 515301
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