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1 July 2016

EVEN though some UK businesses are yet to comply with the newly introduced and mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), workplace equipment supplier Slingsby says that all organisations, regardless of size, can benefit from the principles of the scheme.

ESOS is a mandatory assessment scheme for large companies in the UK, which includes carrying out audits of the energy used in their buildings, as well as their industrial processes and transport, with the aim of identifying where potential improvements and savings can be made. 

Under the scheme, organisations with more than 250 employees, £40m in annual turnover or a balance sheet of more than £34m, must complete an officially approved energy efficiency audit every four years. Details of this should be provided to the Environment Agency and businesses that fail to comply can be penalised, which could mean a fine of up to £50,000. 

Slingsby supplies more than 35,000 workplace products across all industries, including a wide range of products that relate to energy efficiency. The company has also won a number of awards for its green credentials after successfully integrating environmental strategies into its operations and reducing its impact on the environment. 

Dominic Slingsby, Operations Director at Slingsby, explains: “It’s estimated that approximately 10,000 companies must comply with these new energy efficiency rules. However, ESOS shouldn’t be a burden because in many cases carrying out energy audits can immediately identify potential cost savings. 

“Energy bills are a major expense in most commercial buildings and especially at this time of year, when it’s generally cold and dark. With this in mind, following the principles of ESOS can benefit most businesses, regardless of size.” 

Dominic continues: “Workplaces can quickly get a firm grasp of their energy consumption using invoices, meter readings and other contractor information before identifying where they should focus their efforts to make improvements. As a business we’ve always found that even a few simple changes, can make a big difference. This ethos is now at the heart of all our business activities and has helped forge a company philosophy that our entire team has bought into. 

“Things such as turning computers and electrical equipment off at night, rather than leaving it in standby mode, and switching off lights in areas of buildings that are not in use, are very quick and easy to implement. 

“This can then be enhanced by fitting infrared sensors to lighting systems in areas that don’t need to be illuminated all the time, so lights come on automatically when people enter a particular area and then go off again when they leave. Ambient light detection systems are also cost-effective and will dim or brighten lights depending on how much natural light there is, which again can offer good cost savings. 

“Heating is another area where improvements can often be made. It’s worth asking people to report draughts and areas of buildings that are regularly too cold to see whether door and window seals or insulation should be replaced. Someone also needs to be responsible for heating timers, so that systems aren’t running at evenings, weekends and other times when premises are empty, which can be a common occurrence.”

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