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16 August 2016

KNEE injuries can be gruelling and still affect huge numbers of manual workers and tradespeople even though they are often easy to prevent according to workplace equipment supplier Slingsby.

One of the most common knee injuries that large numbers of workers who spend lots of time kneeling down suffer with, is known as ‘housemaid’s knee’ or bursitis. This is caused by inflammation of the bursa, which is a small fluid-filled sack at the front of the kneecap. These swellings can be difficult to treat and can sometimes last for a couple of years before slowly subsiding and eventually disappearing.

Slingsby supplies more than 35,000 workplace products across all industries including a wide range of equipment to help prevent all types of common workplace injuries. 

Dominic Slingsby, Operations Director at the firm, explains: “Any age group can be affected by knee injuries and generally it’s easier to prevent these problems than cure them. The knee is an extremely complex joint and it has to be looked after because once bursitis sets in, it can be very uncomfortable and last a long time.

“Knee problems don’t have to be an occupational hazard but it’s still common to see workers and tradespeople kneeling down on hard surfaces, without taking any steps to make it more comfortable for themselves or reduce the impact on their knees.” 

“This is even more important for anyone that has suffered previously with bursitis because it can often return if people are prone to it. In some instances, chronic cases of bursitis can prevent people working altogether.”

Dominic continues: “Anyone with a job that involves lots of kneeling should always use protective knee pads. Most of these products are cost effective and have a long lifespan but it’s also worth checking that they will be up to the job. Knee pads are classified by CE EN-14404 so products that don’t even feature the CE symbol are unlikely to offer the required level of protection. 

“Finally it’s important to make sure the pads are in the correct position and this is particularly important for work trousers with knee pad inserts or reinforced knee supports. If the trousers are the wrong length for the person wearing them, the knee pads are unlikely to sit over the knee. In some cases poor quality trousers can also contribute to this, so it’s generally worth buying clothing from reputable brands, which is more likely to meet the required standard.”

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