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23 August 2017

Shozo Kawanishi, president of Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK [www.yamatoscale.co.uk], has outlined ambitious plans to grow its global business over the coming years in his annual address to staff worldwide. As part of his vision Mr Kawanishi has outlined how Yamato Scale weighing solutions can benefit the global economy.

Yamato is embracing Industry 4.0 principles in both its technology development and in its global sales and marketing activities. The President’s Address highlights the benefits of the latest developments in the speed and accuracy of Yamato Scale’s automatic weighing technology to the global economy.

Yamato’s plan is twofold - Gijutsu kikaku, which means technology development, and Hanbai kikaku, which means sales and marketing plan.

Mr Kawanishi said: “[The] purpose of Gijutsu kikaku, that is to say “Industry 4.0”, is [to make a] contribution to global society. To contribute to global society, we have to focus on promoting what our accuracy innovation can bring to the world according to Hanbai kikaku programs.”

In his address Mr Kawanishi highlighted the need to develop a global business, educating customers on the benefits of Yamato automatic weighing technology and how it can contribute to global society.

The latest Yamato Scale automatic multihead weighing solutions [http://www.yamatoscale.co.uk/products/multihead-weigher-solutions] and checkweighers [http://www.yamatoscale.co.uk/products/checkweighers] can improve yield by one per cent. Producers usually include a one per cent “giveaway” per pack. For example, a 100g pack usually contains an average 101g.

Mr Kawanishi explained: “This additional one gram is “giveaway”. Our products can weigh 100.1g accuracy when weighing 100g. When customers use our products, they can reduce approximately one per cent in giveaway. When our global customers use our products, the world can save one per cent on materials. A one per cent reduction of giveaway for users can also be a one per cent reduction of material costs.”

The development of improved accuracy of Yamato automatic weighing machines enables a saving on materials. Producers can, therefore, sell more packs using the same amount of materials. Return on investment scales up and profit margins are improved.

The focus for Yamato will now be on promoting the benefits of improved accuracy and sustainability for manufacturers and consumers across its network of global subsidiaries

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Spencer
Commercial and Marketing Manager
Yamato Scale (UK) Dataweigh
Tel:  0113 322 1546
Email: andrea.spencer@yamatoscale.co.uk
Web:  www.yamatoscale.co.uk
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