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Mclennan, Extremely compact distributed drive solution: JVL release diminutive NEMA17 version of its integrated ServoStep Motors with EtherCAT

5 December 2017

Recently launched by JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, and now available in the UK with full support from Mclennan, the new and amazingly compact all-in-one MIS17 series integrated motor brings QuickStep closed-loop motor technology and EtherCAT communications to a NEMA17 frame motor.

JVL has substantially proven its QuickStep/ServoStep technology in its larger 23 and 34 NEMA frame integrated motors. With microstepping motor, drive, feedback encoder and motion controller in a single servo controlled package, and with EtherCAT amongst six leading industrial Ethernet protocol options available, this new highly compact positioning solution opens the way for tightly synchronised multi-axis motion control as part of smaller distributed machine architectures.

The MIS17 series has a mounting flange size of just 42 x 42 mm yet offers output torque of up to 0.8 Nm. Advanced features and options include 409600 step/rev multi-turn absolute encoder plus a very wide choice of control modes and interfacing options, in addition to its Ethernet capability.

JVL's QuickStep control technology resolves the lost motion and stalling problems associated with open-loop stepper motors and furthermore develops more useful peak torque as well as much higher position and velocity precision. The new MIS17 series integrated motor is available in three nominal winding lengths for torque performance ratings of 0.15 Nm, 0.26 Nm and 0.8 Nm with speeds to 3000 rpm. The built-in absolute multi-turn encoder requires no datum routine on start-up and contributes to the exceptional levels of control smoothness and low audible noise as part of the QuickStep's control system.

As well as simple step+direction and analogue voltage for position and velocity control, options for multi-axis control via CANbus and SSI are available along with built-in RS422 and RS485 ports. For standalone applications JVL's 'MacTalk' PLC controller provides a graphical programming environment for a wide range of motion control and machine IO interaction functions. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wireless Ethernet are also available options. In addition to EtherCAT, other industrial Ethernet alternatives cover Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, MODBUS TCP/IP and SERCOS III - all through an integral dual port Ethernet switch for simple wiring and cost reduction. For integration into higher level programming environments, the controller also offers optional ActiveX/OCX drivers.

Top or rear connectors, alternative drive-shafts, double shafts and brakes are further options that demonstrate the flexibility of the MIS17 series. Mclennan supports JVL's full range of MIS QuickStep series integrated motors and offers compatible planetary or spur gearboxes and other power transmission components.

With distribution partnerships and its own comprehensive design and build service available, Mclennan provides stepper and servo motor based automation solutions from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Bentley
Unit 1
The Royston Centre
Lynchford Road
Ash Vale
GU12 5PQ
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 (0) 1252 531444
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