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Installation of motorized VERLINDE EUROSTYLE VFM jib crane and grab transforms recycling process for manufacture of corrugated board at SICAL paper mill.

6 December 2017

SICAL is a paper and board manufacturer specialized in the production of corrugated board derived from diverse recycled materials collected from used paper recovery networks. This material for processing is delivered in the form of heterogeneous bales that have to be opened and depolluted which means that diverse non-recyclable materials such as plastic or metal they contain must be extracted. The main challenge for the transformation of SICAL's production process was focused on its capacity to reprocess heavily pollluted waste, particularly category 3 waste (recyclable household packaging - EMR in French) while ensuring operator safety. The installation of a Verlinde jib crane fitted with an electric hoist and grab was found to be the solution to this challenge.

Frequent production downtime and safety problems

The process of recycling starts with the de-stringing of bales that are then steeped in water in a pulverizer, a tank in which the material is mixed to reduce the fibre content. Gradually, during the process, bales are added, the pulp is extracted by suction from the bottom of the tank through fine screens while the waste remains suspended. When the volume of waste reaches approximately 1m3, the tank is drained. SICAL in this way processes some 150 tonnes of recylced paper daily to obtain paper packed in the form of 3-tonne reels that will be subsequently used for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard.

Prior to the process change, SICAL would regularly encounter problems with waste that accumulated at the bottom of the tank and prevented draining. An operator then had to manually unclog the mass of matter accumulated at the bottom of the pulverizer. The operation presented problems of safety and of frequent process downtime.

The increase in the volume of waste to be processed worsened the problem still more, and the process was considered to be inappropriate.

The installation of a jib crane, a hoist and a grab enhances the process while ensuring the safety of personnel

SICAL assigned Verlinde and its partner HERIPRET the task of installing a motorized EUROSTYLE VFM jib crane with a 3-fall electric chain hoist (fitted with a control pendant) on which is mounted a grab dedicated to paper industry applications. VERLINDE defined the requirements while HERIPRET carried out the installation work. Idem for the electrical installation.

The EUROSTYLE VFM jib crane set on a VERLINDE 360° slewable column is compact and allows loads of up to 2000 kg to be handled in the three axes across a diametrical reach of 12 m. Of great utility to industry as a whole but especially the paper industry, it increases the work station's autonomy and efficacy. The electric hoist in the EUROCHAIN VR range has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg. VERLINDE provided on request the required electrically powered rotation system designed to meet the needs of power, reach, high rotational torque and rates of work.

The grab provides fast, simple evacuation of waste from the bottom of the pulverizer making the descent of an operator no longer necessary. Safety is ensured in this way and downtime associated with clogging of tanks has been eliminated.

But above all, the recycling process has been enhanced as SICAL can now process category 3 waste, i.e. recyclable household packaging (EMR in French) from selective sorting centres. As this material is only roughly sorted before delivery at the paper mill it contains a certain percentage of pollutant waste that SICAL is able to process rapidly without difficulty thanks to the jib crane and grab.

The purchase price of category 3 EMR waste per tonne is much lower than that of category 1 and 2 waste processed hitherto, so production costs are reduced in no small way. What is more, due to the change of processing, SICAL has been able to increase its contribution to environment protection.

SICAL already used Verlinde suspended cranes for other applications and has since followed up with the installation of additional electric winches. The installation has resulted in Satisfaction and Trust between the parties.

For more information, please contact:

2, Bd de l'Industrie
28501 Vernouillet Cedex
Tel:  +33 2 37 38 96 26 /06 07 53 10 43
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