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Santa’s screen wash ~ NCH Europe produces infographic about Santa’s screen wash needs

28 December 2017

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has released an infographic detailing Santa’s screen wash needs. It gives the statistics for Santa’s journey on Christmas eve across the globe, including his weight load and what he needs to consider when choosing a screen wash. The infographic is available to download from the NCH Europe website.

On Christmas Eve, Santa travels 510 million kilometres, delivering presents to children across the world. This is more than 40,000 times more than the average driver travels in a year, meaning that maintenance is very important to Santa to ensure the safe delivery of children’s presents.

Around the Christmas period, Santa isn’t the only one who’s making long journeys. Many motorists travelling home for Christmas are often faced with treacherous weather conditions and an onset of snow and rain, so it’s vital they equip their cars with an effective and fit for purpose screen wash.

“Some motorists neglect the use of proper screen wash,” explained Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “Particularly in the winter months, motorists need to be able to rely on their screen wash to ensure safety when driving. Health, as well as safety can be affected by ineffective screen wash.

“A report by the European Journal of Epidemiology showed that one in five cases of Legionnaire’s Disease was caused by non-anti-bacterial screen wash. This could be that the motorist was either using just water or an ineffective screen wash.”

NCH Europe offers screen wash in the form of a tablet, to save motorists from being weighed down by several bottles of screen wash. Santa has 840,000 tonnes of toys to carry per year and the many motorists with cars laden with presents will feel like they aren’t far from that figure, so any weight they can save is vital.

A blister pack of Screen Clean, which produces five litres of screen wash, is typically three to four times lighter than a standard five litre plastic bottle, reducing the load on Santa’s reindeer and the everyday motorist. It is also much smaller, making it easier to store, and is alcohol-free to prevent damaging the vehicle during use.

“As the tablet does not contain alcohol, it doesn’t degrade a vehicle’s rubber wipers or seals like alcohol based screen washes do,” continued Burnett. “It also doesn’t have a pungent smell and instead has a fresh lemon scent, meaning it’s much more pleasant for those long car journeys.”

To view the infographic or find out more about NCH Europe’s screen wash range, visit

For more information, please contact:

NCH Europe
NCH House
Springvale Avenue
West Midlands
WV14 0QL
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1902 510254
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