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VERLINDE renovates the production equipment in Algeria of one of the facilities of the hydraulic engineering firm Hydro-Aménagement.

28 March 2018

Hydro-Aménagement is a state owned Algerian company set up 37 years ago and whose development is driven by successfully delivered projects, innovation and growth. The company, deployed throughout Algeria's landmass, is specialized in the construction of dams, the conveyance of water and the purification of waste water. It has played a significant role in the continuous supply of drinking water to Greater Algiers. Hydro-Aménagement selected VERLINDE following an invitation for tenders for a project for the renovation of a plant producing 2 m diameter helically reinforced concrete pipes for the conveyance of water.

The existing outdoor installation, with its SWS gantry cranes dating from the eighties, was old and dilapidated due to 30 years of operation in an open air environment. Hydro-Aménagement was seeking, apart from the renovation of its production equipment, to reduce working times and the numerous production downtime periods due to the obsolescence of the euipment. The gantry cranes are used to handle concrete pipe moulding formwork, then to load it after the drying and dismantling of formwork. Manipulated loads are heavy but also fragile and require the installation of a 32 tonne capacity system capable of operating up to a maximum height of 17 meters. The Gantry cranes are motorised for long travel and run on rails.

Electric hoists with precision controls for heavy loads

OREM, VERLINDE's integrator in Algeria, decided to keep the existing basic structures, viz: overhead girders and end-carriages, still in good condition, that would be completed with lifting equipment. In all, five gantry cranes were renovated with new EUROBLOC VT4 electric hoists (M5 class normal headroom version) together with electricity supply cables, radio control systems, switch cabinets and cable reels. Verlinde EUROBLOC VT electric wire rope hoists represent the ideal solution for the needs of high capacity lifting. Suitable for the most rigorous industrial environments, as here for outside use, these rope hoists fitted with hooks with safety latch enable entirely safe vertical or horizontal travel for loads of up to 80 tonnes, and for heights of lift from 6 m to 98 m. To meet the load fragility criterion, the travelling speed is variable to obtain precise positioning.

The innovative design of EUROBLOC VT hoists resulted in 13 patents being delivered. These are the only rope and hook lifting systems on the market integrating in their standard version: the shortest "C" dimensions for the hook and "F" approach distance of the hoist compared with competitive systems, short travel of the block when lifting (lifting is almost centered), together with a travel motor whose speed is variable from 3 to 20 m/min..

To meet the requirement for a runway of only 155 mm in width on the existing gantry cranes, therefore very narrow, Verlinde proposed a bespoke trolley with 16 rollers in order to distribute the load stress evenly.

Other VERLINDE equipment has been installed at the facility, in the maintenance shops and boiler works, inside, for the renovation of production lines. The challenge was the same as for the outside gantry cranes. The existing structure of two overhead cranes, end-carriage and girder, were kept and renovated. The lifting capacity of the cranes is 7.5 tonnes for a 10 m height of lift and a 20 m span. VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 HPR class M6 hoists, together with their connection accessories, were installed. The precise computation of the class can be attributed to the know-how of the integrator who is familiar withVERLINDE products and their operation. That enables very precise maintenance forecasting and optimal adjustment of lifting equipment.

An international reputation for tough and reliable equipment

Their winning tender has highlighted VERLINDE's reputation together with the company's very clear work schedules and planned maintenance of the equipment. Since commissioning of the installation in 2013, apart from the annual standard inspection, no special operation had to be scheduled, practically no spare part was needed and there has been no failure. EUROBLOC VT hoists are fitted, for instance, with DC disc brakes requiring no maintenance.

The tendering dossier was also boosted by VERLINDE's engineering unit that, thanks to the correct definition of the various components, played a significant role in winning the contract. Their experience and assistance during commissioning were of vital importance.

"VERLINDE equipment is very reliable and of high quality", declares Lionel Vesvre, OREM president, pointing out that during 10 years of collaboration there has never been any complaint made of faulty or unreliable equipment. "The toughness and the design of Verlinde equipment is ideal both for users and for the purposes of maintenance." M. Vesvre has been at the head of OREM for more than 10 years. The company is made up of three independent structures in order to meet the requirements of the Algerian market. OREM deals exclusively with the export of VERLINDE equipment to Algeria for companies who work in euros, SBL deals with the import of VERLINDE equipment into Algeria for companies whose working currency is the Dinard, together with customs formalities, while lastly MTRI specializes in after-sales, erection and maintenance. OREM works with VERLINDE on a customized basis, at the customer's request and makes bids for numerous invitations for tenders in Algeria.

For more information, please contact:

2, Bd de l'Industrie
28501 Vernouillet Cedex
Tel:  +33 2 37 38 96 26 /06 07 53 10 43
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