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Xylem’s new adaptable wastewater mixer delivers next-level mixing efficiency

16 April 2018

Leading global water technology company, Xylem, has launched a compact submersible wastewater mixer featuring easily adaptable output capabilities and delivering energy savings of approximately 50 percent.

Xylem’s new Flygt 4220 mixer enhances the resilience and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, enabling operators to easily manage changing mixing conditions by simply adjusting the mixer output. As the Flygt 4220 can be controlled to deliver only the output required, a plant’s energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

“Plant operators are looking for mixer technology that enables them to increase operational efficiency, improve performance based on their specific system demands, and provide real-time data to extend product lifecycle and reduce downtime and maintenance costs,” said Johan Tegstam, Director, Product Management for Xylem.

He continues: “The beauty of our new Flygt 4220 mixer lies in its adaptability. Plant operators can easily modify the mixer output, via a tank-side control panel, a programmable controller or plant-wide control system, to match current mixing needs. This functionality dramatically reduces energy consumption compared to traditional fixed output mixers, significantly improves process productivity and futureproofs a facility’s mixing efficiency. We’ve designed the Flygt 4220 mixer to deliver comprehensive information about the mixer’s performance and status, including speed, power, alarms, running time and energy consumption. The mixer features a number of auto-correction functions, including overload control to protect the equipment and secure process results.”

Wastewater mixing is not a static process, as mixing requirements will vary over time depending on a range of factors including flow rates, oxygen demand, and seasonal variations. Conventional mixers operate at a fixed output which often results in wasted energy, unnecessary wear and increased maintenance due to inefficient operation of the mixer.

“The Flygt 4220 mixer fits all common installation systems and is ideal for retrofits, slotting easily into an existing installation. It is a great choice for municipal or industrial wastewater or sludge mixing applications,” concluded Tegstam.

The Flygt 4220 mixer is based on Xylem’s Flygt Dirigo platform of integrated power electronics, including an IE4 super premium efficiency motor that delivers market-leading efficiency, and is available in 1.5, two, three and four horsepower versions.

The mixer’s capacity to deliver a wide range of duty points – unlike the fixed output generated by single-speed mixers – enables a single Flygt 4220 to replace multiple conventional mixers and will require fewer complete mixers and parts in stock. Flygt 4220 also offers lower investment for rebuild or replacement as it can be redeployed across different tanks and applications.

The Flygt 4220 joins the larger Flygt 4320 mixer, launched in 2015, as part of Xylem’s range of adaptive wastewater mixers.

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