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MX-1502 series successfully launched in no time

1 May 2018

New Cognex MX-1502 mobile terminals provide efficient documentation of goods at VTL

Cognex, the global leader in vision-based inspection and identification systems, has successfully launched its new MX-1502 mobile data terminals. These modular devices are mainly used in logistics. VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik, a general cargo cooperative based in Fulda, has recently also been using the Cognex MX-1502 readers for mobile logging of logistics data. For future-proofing and flexibility, VTL has focused on Android-based devices. Smartphones mounted in the shockproof housing of the MX-1502 are being used as mobile data terminals together with a powerful image-based Cognex scanning unit. VTL is now using the Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphones in the MX-1502.

Investment protection due to a modular design

Due to the modular design of the MX-1502, with its special rubber inserts and a screen protector, nearly any Android- or iOS-based smartphone can be used, and easily replaced with a new model in the event of damage or a generational change. The smartphones are housed in a shockproof, splash-proof polycarbonate housing. The mobile terminal is suitable for harsh industrial environments, and even withstands 50 drops from a height of 2 meters onto concrete. Thus, both the Cognex scanning unit and the smartphone will remain intact. Repairs are now much simpler than before, since with MX-1502 customers only need to replace individual components, such as the mobile device or optics, and no longer has to replace the entire terminal. In addition to low operating costs, this provides high investment protection.

Rapid and smooth processing

At VTL, conversion to the new devices was very rapid - the implementation phase, including complete redevelopment of the terminal software and conversion from Windows CE to Android, lasted only six months. Daniel Stederoth, IT system administrator at VTL, is convinced that the entire MX-1502 integration project has been quite successful: "With the modular design of the mobile terminals and the use of commercially available smartphones, we have found an optimal solution in terms of investment protection and operating costs. The inductive charging and battery performance bring considerable practical advantages."

Inductive charging is possible

MX-1502 devices are charged inductively, i.e. wirelessly. Thus, no electrical contacts can wear out or fail. The mobile terminal has a lithium-polymer battery that powers the scanning unit and the smartphone. Daniel Stederoth emphasized the importance of battery performance: "With the inductive charging stations, charging is quite simple and there are no signs of wear on electrical contacts. Here, competitors have clear weaknesses." With the two Li-ion batteries in the pistol grip, which is available as an optional accessory and used at VTL, battery capacity greatly multiplied.

Learn more about the Cognex Mobile Terminals at

For more information, please contact:

Cécile Jacquin
Cognex Germany Inc.
Emmy-Noether-Straße 11
76131 Karlsruhe
Tel:  +49 (0)721 66378-252
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