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Still baffled by Industry 4.0? Apprehensive about £000s investment costs?

11 September 2018

You needn’t be….

Harness the benefits of low cost, smart, easy to install/retrofit process optimisation systems from WERMA.

Much has been written about Industry4.0 over the last few months. It is a fair bet though, that many Factory Managers are still less than clear about what it is and what it signifies. It is certainly not a specification which you can go out and buy, nor is it a norm such as ISO which a company can be audited against to obtain certification.

Rather it is simply a new way of industrial life, a new way of doing things and organising things by taking advantages of the benefits of the latest technologies available. So, it is evolutionary, not really in any sense a 4th industrial revolution, which is often cited together with Industry 4.0.
By taking advantage of the latest technology to digitalise the way we manage aspects of our business we are embracing the spirit of Industry 4.0 thinking. Increased use of automation, and the latest process improvement tools speed up processes, make them more transparent and reduce the amount of human errors and inaccuracies caused often by traditional methods of recording certain types of information with the aid of a clipboard, pen and spreadsheet!

Three systems to solve specific process issues:

StockSAVER is a brand new Kanban stock monitoring and replenishment system. It uses intelligent monitoring points to monitor and manage line side stock levels and automatically generate replenishment calls wirelessly.

A second system, SmartMONITOR uses conventional andon lights but with the addition of a wireless transmitter and receiver kit to monitor up and down time of machines and equipment and also collect other relevant data on machine performance.

The third system is AndonSPEED, an andon light based wireless call-for-action system which is proving popular in many online retail warehousing operations as well as industrial operations. The system will identify bottlenecks in the warehouse system and speed up response to disruptions to production. In addition a range of our well known beacon and sounder devices will be on show including the very latest designs with new features.
For more information on these simple but effective Industry 4.0 solutions, or to arrange for a free demonstration, please contact:

For more information, please contact:

Werma (UK) Ltd
Linnell Way
Telford Way Industrial Estate
NN16 8PS
Tel:  +44 (0)1536 486930
Fax:  +44 (0)1536 514810
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