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Future Unlimited. With solutions by Mitsubishi Electric

4 December 2018

SPS/IPC/Drives 2018: Mitsubishi Electric shows more than factory automation

At SPS/IPC/Drives 2018, Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated that the company can do much more than just factory automation. The interaction and networking capabilities between Mitsubishi Electric factory automation and building technologies was demonstrated virtually and interactively on a large display. Visitors were able to explore 3D worlds interactively with 360° views of applications and solution concepts via touchscreen technology.

Mitsubishi Electric is increasingly focusing on combining its advanced technologies to develop innovative and efficient solutions. “Our goal is to foster a cohesive perception of Mitsubishi Electric’s range of solutions and of the company as a whole” explains Andreas Wagner, President of the German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe. “We are working to develop synergies in the coming years from which we will derive clear growth prospects across the entire organisation”.

Mitsubishi Electric offers future-oriented solutions for both today and tomorrow. From improving comfort and safety when travelling by road and rail, to advanced components for global communications. Mitsubishi Electric's technology ensures greater efficiency and fewer losses at every link in the supply chain - especially when it comes to integrating and transporting renewable energies.

At SPS/IPC/Drives 2018, Mitsubishi Electric presented automation and building solutions by way of a visually engaging interactive exhibit. Visitors could immerse themselves in 3D worlds and use touchscreen technology to experience not only products and solutions in various applications, but also a broad spectrum of solutions offered by the company. A highlight of the interactive exhibit was the virtual tour through futuristic buildings and production lines, in which Mitsubishi Electric components are visually demonstrated using 3D technology.

Mitsubishi Electric offers answers to the technological challenges of modern building technology, and presents a wide range of integrated and optimised components for many manufacturing and process automation disciplines - always with a view to the responsible and sustainable use of resources. True to the motto "Future Unlimited. With solutions by Mitsubishi Electric".
During all three days of SPS IPC Drives 2018, experts from Mitsubishi Electric were available at Stand 391 in Hall 7 to provide information on the entire range of products and services.

For more information, please contact:

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1
40882 Ratingen
Tel:  +49 (0)2102 / 486-5290
Email: pr@meg.mee.com
Web:  www.mitsubishielectric.de
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